NHM on tour

The innovative and interactive museum e-bike intends to support the Citizen Science Initiative of the Natural History Museum Vienna (NHM) and was conceptualized and developed in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Futurelab and Inseq Design for the intercontextual knowledge transfer between research and society. It offers a place for interaction and participation and invites citizens and visitors from all social backgrounds to shape science and actively participate in social debates. The multimedia, mobile research station NHM on tour intends to improve networking between researchers and everyday experts and to be used for mutual enrichment at events in public spaces and schools.

The exhibition and interaction vehicle, based on a two-lane e-mobile, is to be used at different locations in the city to provide citizens with low-threshold access to the scientific work of the NHM. Equipped with thematically associated exhibits from the museum’s extensive collection, two touchscreens and the Shadowgram, a participatory format that allows visitors to print out their own silhouette as vinyl labels and stick it on any surface together with personal statements, NHM on tour reflects socially relevant future issues together with the local population.

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