Seeds of Hope @ Matsudo International Science Art Festival

The Matsudo International Science Art Festival is a yearly celebration that takes place in the beautiful city of Matsudo in Japan. This festival brings together a diverse group of artists, scientists, and researchers from all over the world to showcase their latest projects. The festival’s aim is to connect the worlds of art, science, and nature and is held in the historic and picturesque Tojo-tei and Tojogaoka Historical Park.

In 2023, the theme of the festival was “Seeds of Hope”. In today’s digitally connected world, where we all have access to vast amounts of information, the challenge of distinguishing truth from misinformation is ever-present. With the widespread use of social media and artificial intelligence tools, there’s a heightened need for user literacy. This prompts questions about the nature of truth and who owns it, or if it can be owned. Furthermore, there’s a call to reevaluate humanity’s relationship with nature and our duty to preserve it for future generations.

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Embracing the theme of “play,” symbolizing creativity and empowerment, the festival aimed to cultivate hope in the soil of tradition cultivated by the predecessors in Matsudo City, turning it into a creative playground for innovation, thereby planting Seeds of Hope for the future of society.

During the festival, there were special exhibitions, talks, and workshops throughout the city, extending even to the Edo River, commemorating the 80th anniversary of Matsudo City and the 150th anniversary of Chiba Prefecture.


Ars Electronica Futurelab: Denise Hirtenfelder, Emiko Ogawa, Yoko Shimizu
Matsudo International Science Art Festival

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