Cello Octet Amsterdam & Nick Verstand (present Cocon)

The Festival for Art, Technology and Society presents a diverse kaleidoscope of artistic perspectives in the form of exhibitions, concerts, performances, screenings, conferences and workshops at several locations in Linz, Austria, from September 4-8, 2024.

Five Days full of Highlights

The first events and exhibitions on the program have already been announced. Here you can find an initial overview of what’s awaiting you at the 2024 Ars Electronica Festival!

More details will follow soon.

Selected Events

  • Pre-Opening Walk

    Pre-Opening Walk

    Six festival locations and just as many exhibition openings, excellent research, award-winning media art, gaming, immersive art treasures, a critically lapidary NOPE – there are many good reasons to mark the pre-opening walk on your calendar.

  • Festival Opening

    Festival Opening

    Entangled photons, Linz organs, the bells of Notre Dame, a melting glacier and, of course, Anton Bruckner – the opening of Ars Electronica takes place in St. Mary’s Cathedral and promises to be an unusual evening. 

  • Prix Ars Electronica Award Ceremony 

    Prix Ars Electronica Award Ceremony 

    Media art, generative AI, innovation from Europe and Africa and plenty of bearers of hope – the “Prix Ars Electronica Award Ceremony” celebrates pioneers at the interface of art, technology and society. 

  • Big Concert Night

    Big Concert Night

    The Cello Octet Amsterdam and a robot ensemble by Nick Verstand, Maki Namekawa – the Big Concert Night in POSTCITY’s train hall will (once again) be a highlight of the festival. 

  • Futurelab Night

    Futurelab Night

    Humans and avatars, immersive spaces, performances and presentations – the “Futurelab Night” is an exciting trip into the future. Tickets should be purchased sooner rather than later. 

  • Pianographique – Piano Music meets Digital ImagesMA VLAST von Bedřich Smetana

    Pianographique – Piano Music meets Digital ImagesMA VLAST von Bedřich Smetana

    In celebration of Dennis Russell Davies’ 80th birthday, Maki Namekawa and Davies will perform Smetana’s MA VLAST cycle, accompanied by Cori O’Lans’ real-time visualisation.

  • M-Concerto von Philip Glass

    M-Concerto von Philip Glass

    Dennis Russell Davies and his Brno Philharmonic Orchestra will close the 2024 Ars Electronica Festival in the POSTCITY train hall with Philip Glass’ M Concerto and Maki Namekawa as soloist.