Deep Space LIVE: Gaudenzio Ferrari’s Passion of Christ

(Linz, May 21, 2010) The life and passion of Jesus Christ have been the subjects of countless works of art in the Christian world. A superb example of the artistic treatment of Christ’s Passion is a 1513 work by Gaudenzio Ferrari. This 8×10-meter fresco adorns the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church in Varallo Sesia in Italy’s Piedmont region. Haltadefinizione, an Italian R&D group that specializes in extremely high-definition reproductions of the masterpieces of art history, developed the digitized “Passion of Christ”, consisting of 8,604,431,000 pixels. The art historian Johann Sturm and the theologian Michael Zugmann cordially invite the public to attend a Deep Space LIVE event on May 27, 2010 that will focus on the story of Christ’s Passion and its artistic depiction … Read more

Christus Passion / Haltadefinizione

Passion of Christ / Gaudenzio Ferrari / haltadefinizione / Printversion / Album