Raise Your Voice

(Linz, July 27, 2010) A “garbage slick” four times larger than Germany is now floating in the middle of the Pacific. The Rio Grande, Ganges, Nile, Mekong and others of the world’s most important river systems are on the verge of ecological collapse. Worldwide, 40% more CO2 will be emitted this year than in 1990—CO2 that further exacerbates climate change. And day after day, up to 150 plant and animal species die out, which means that we’re experiencing the greatest mass extinction since the dinosaurs disappeared! And that’s not all: there’s our untrammeled exploitation of natural resources, unscrupulous speculation to profit from tumbling security prices, burgeoning corruption, the rollback of civil rights and, of course, our political “leaders”—devoid of ideas, spineless, lobbyists’ lackeys. Ars Electronica’s response is: Raise Your Voice! We emphatically direct your attention to the artists who—some quite vociferously, others in more subtle fashion—are making their dissatisfaction evident. These are exemplary efforts meant to encourage all of us to make ourselves heard loud and clear. “Raise Your Voice” will run July 30-September 26, 2010 on the 2nd Upper Level of the Ars Electronica Center. … Read more

Midway – Message from the Gyre (2009) / Chris Jordan

Midway – Message from the Gyre / Chris Jordan / Printversion / Album