(Linz, October 15, 2010) Linz has changed. Many things that Linzers take completely for granted today were not part of the cityscape only a few years ago. The FOCUS LINZ initiative spotlights these changes and invites everyone living in Linz to get involved. The setting of this journey through time and the urban realm is an extraordinary “space capsule” designed by Linz artist Hans Kropshofer that opens up new ways of seeing things and allows for changed perspectives. A logbook makes it possible for anyone to input a statement either as a text or an image. First stop on FOCUS LINZ’s itinerary will be a stint October 18-28, 2010 in front of the Ars Electronica Center, one of the important highlights of the city’s recent cultural development. Click here for details about FOCUS LINZ.

Fokus Linz

Click here for the photo stream of FOCUS LINZ.