LINZ CHANGES Exhibition Tent

(Linz, April 29, 2011) There is probably no other city in Austria that has undergone such a dramatic transformation in recent years as Linz. Today, the Province of Upper Austria’s capital is modern, open, socially conscious, public spirited and green. Now, the City of Linz has created an exhibition that showcases these developments in a very innovative way. LINZ CHANGES delivers unusual and fascinating insights into just what it is that makes Linz such a great place to live and work. Nine interactive installations arrayed on 700 m2 of exhibition space were conceived and executed by the Ars Electronica Futurelab; the construction was done by Messemanagement Linz GmbH; Linz’s ANY:TIME architectural bureau came up with the physical design. Read more


LINZ VERÄNDERT, Ars Electronica Futurelab / Printversion / Fotoalbum