For Seniors: Of Humans and Machines

For Seniors: Of Humans and Machines
Friday, February 3 & 17, 2012 / 2-3 PM / Ars Electronica Center

(Linz, February 1, 2012) Every first and third Friday of the month, the Ars Electronica Center offers a themed tour custom-tailored to seniors. The guides make a concerted effort to dispense with English-language high-tech jargon, and to allow plenty of time for tour group members to pose questions and to discuss their experiences and impressions. On tap on February 3 & 17 will be human-machine encounters in the AEC’s own RoboLab. Then, it’s on to the “What Machines Dream Of” exhibition that features devices of astonishing beauty in which rationality and perfection were nowhere near the top of the design agenda.


The Ars Electronica Center’s in-house RoboLab showcases creations by artists, designers and scientists that illustrate how intensively human beings and machines already live and work together nowadays—astounding facts & circumstances that deliver an impression of what risks and rewards our shared future just might have in store for us.

What Machines Dream Of

The “What Machines Dream Of” exhibition deals with fantasies, dreams and fears associated with progress and technological development. It’s a collection of art-machines that share nothing of the rationality and perfection of their counterparts in industry and commerce, machines designed to dazzle with their breathtaking beauty.

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