VISUAL SOUND TOUR – The Linz Sinfonietta

VISUAL SOUND TOUR – The Linz Sinfonietta
Monday, May 21, 2012 / 7 PM / Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space

(Linz, May 17, 2012) “VISUAL SOUND TOUR – The Linz Sinfonietta” will be the Linz Music School’s third guest appearance at the Ars Electronica Center. On Monday, May 21 at 7 PM, student musicians under the direction of Petra Wurz and Marco Palewicz will perform amidst spectacular high-definition graphics in Deep Space. The focus, both musically and visually, will be on the City of Linz itself. All the works were written by Linz musicians; the projected images are provided by the Municipal Archive and nature filmmaker Erich Pröll. There’ll also be an exhibit of stencil graffiti photographed around town. Admission is free.

Overview of the Musical Program

SYND featuring Johanna Enzenhofer: August
SYND: Esther Hochedlinger and Gerald Schalek
Vocals: Johanna Enzenhofer; Vocal Class: Esther Hochedlinger

David Wagner: 9/14
Piano: Lorenz Hochreiner
Piano Class: David Wagner

David Wagner: Linz bei Nacht
Text: Young people from Linz
Vocals: Dietburg Wilflingseder, Bernhard Raab
Piano: Lorenz Hochreiner
Vocal Class: Esther Hochedlinger; Piano Class: David Wagner

Katharina Dürrschmid: Linz alt.neu
Dulcimer: Katharina Dürrschmid
Dulcimer Class: Franziska Fleischanderl

Franz Hageneder: Divertimento für 2 Flöten und Fagott
Flutes: Carina Oberleitner, Do-Hoon Kim
Bassoon: Claudia Oberleitner
Fife Class: Franz Hageneder, Bassoon Class: Juliane Seemann

Alexey Igudesman: Neuer Kater (aus dem Catscratchbook)
Friedolin Dallinger: Kirschblüten (aus der Suite für Viola und Klavier)
Alexey Igudesman: Katz und Maus aus dem Catscratchbook
Violins: Duo Anja-Magdalena: Anja Strastil, Magdalena Landl
Duo Julia-Rudolph: Julia Strastil (Viola), Rudolph Ring (Piano)
Violin Class: Christine Mayr; Piano Class: Leticia Gomez-Tagle

Agnes Dorwarth: Kopfnusstrio
Recorder: Trio SAS: Sophie Renger, Stefan Bähr, Anna Eilmsteiner
Recorder Class: Petra Wurz, Helga Sambs
Maxi Walch: Computerkomposition
Live Electronicsk: Maxi Walch
Class: Marco Palewicz

SYND featuring Kate Age: Stahlstadt
Vocals: Kate Age
Vocal Class: Esther Hochedlinger

Josef Haider: Liquid Metal
Live Electronics: Josef Haider
Class: Marco Palewicz

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