Family Days at the Ars Electronica Center Linz

Family Days at the Ars Electronica Center
Saturday & Sunday, June 23-24, 2012 / 10 AM-6 PM

(Linz, June 22, 2012) A program of fascination and fun for the whole family is being offered at the Ars Electronica Center once again this weekend. Young and old are invited to create illuminated letters and short pieces of music for the voestalpine Klangwolke, and watch Linz’s pro mountain biker Dominik Raab perform amazing live stunts and tricks in Deep Space. Special family-style tours through the Ars Electronica Center are on the lineup too.

We Are the Klangwolke!
Saturday & Sunday / 10 AM-6 PM

Arts & crafts in the Ars Electronica Center’s ABC Workshop is a great way to have fun on Family Days. Visitors can use cardboard, colored paper, ribbons, bands, stickers and LEDs to create illuminated letters that will play a starring role in the voestalpine Klangwolke on September 1. Families that want to experience immersion in the wonderful world of sound production can head for the new SoundLab, a fully equipped studio, where you can create soundcloudminiatures—a heartbeat, guitar solo, spoken poem or drum groove. Whatever your thing, you can upload your sound file to The submissions will either be featured in the voestalpine Klangwolke on September 1, or be broadcast throughout the riverside Donaupark on the spectacle’s 250,000-watt sound system the next day.

Family Tour
Saturday & Sunday / 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM / Duration: 1½ Hours

The Family Tour is an eventful excursion through the Ars Electronica Center. Young and old alike get interesting insights into our high-tech world as well as the outlook for our future. One stop along the way will be in RoboLab, where you’re sure to have fun interacting with a telecommunications android, a Japanese baby seal robot, and a designer dress that changes colors and patterns like a chameleon.

Deep Space LIVE Family: Riding it all
Saturday & Sunday / 2 & 4 PM / Duration: 1 Hour

Thrills galore are on tap when Linz mountain bike & free trial pro Dominik Raab does his tricks and stunts in two live performances at Deep Space Family. Between breathtaking feats of daring, Raab will talk about all the different facets of mountain biking and explain which spots around town are just the thing for two-wheeled excitement.

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