Urfahr Autumn Market 2012

(Linz, October 7, 2012) At this year’s Urfahr Autumn Fair, the latest LINZ CHANGES exhibition offered another entertaining and educational look at Upper Austria’s capital city and its municipal services division. This time around, the substantive focus was on energy efficiency and conservation. As always, this fourth edition of LINZ CHANGES was a big hit with fairgoers. The most popular attractions were the jumbo-scale, high-definition Linz panoramas, the Shadowgram, and the energy efficiency crafts workshop at which tinkerers could turn out solar-powered toy bugs. “We once again succeeded in attracting lots of people to the exhibition space, and, once inside, keeping them interested by offering fascinating interactive installations,” is how Ars Electronica CFO Diethard Schwarzmair summed things up. “The redesigned exterior space featuring lounge chairs provided by Linz Tourismus proved to be a highly effective concept as well.”

Energy Saving Tickets …

With a specially developed meter that displays energy savings, LINZ AG showed how simply and conveniently we call all reduce energy consumption and save money on a daily basis. Whether it’s electricity or home heating, usage of warm water or transportation—while carrying out a variety of Energy Missions, fairgoers received valuable tips on how to save energy, and also got a clear idea of the positive effects that would result if everybody in Linz followed suit. Plus, there was a drawing in which terrific prizes beckoned for energy savers!

… and Solar Racing Beetles

What do you get when you combine the head of a toothbrush, a tiny solar module and some decorative material? Fully functional solar beetles, spiders and giraffes! Then, they’re ready, willing and able to put their speed and agility to the test in a carbon-neutral competitive crawl.

Shadowgram, Linz Panoramas & Views

Among the audience favorites at every LINZ CHANGES have been Shadowgram, the high-definition panoramic photos of the city, and Views, an interactive table that juxtaposes shots of the identical location in historic and modern-day Linz. In addition to high-definition photos of Linz, Panorama also presented the premiere of the group picture taken at this year’s voestalpine Klangwolke. Over the past few weeks, thousands of individual pics were uploaded to Ars Electronica’s website and then assembled into the world’s largest snapshot by the Futurelab staff.

A Joint Project of the City of Linz Municipal Enterprises

LINZ CHANGES is being produced jointly by the City of Linz and its municipal services & enterprises: local government agencies, the utilities, the general hospital, the senior center, the concert hall, Ars Electronica, the real estate development corporation, the information & communications technology provider, the Tobacco Processing Plant development corporation, the security patrol, the municipal housing authority, the Design Center management company, the local light railway and the airport. The exhibition’s interactive installations were created by the Ars Electronica Futurelab; the exhibition architecture is the work of ANY:TIME, a Linz firm; Messemanagement Linz GmbH set up the exhibition tent.

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Solar bugs / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion / Album


Linz from above / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion / Album


Shadowgram / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion / Album


24 Stunden Linz.Gemeinsam.Leben / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion / Album