Family Days im Ars Electronica Center Linz

Family Days at the Ars Electronica Center
Saturday & Sunday, January 19-20, 2013 /10 AM-6 PM

(Linz, January 15, 2013) This coming weekend January 19-20, 2013, the Ars Electronica Center is staging Family Days featuring lots of cool activities for young and old alike. A great way to start things off is an action-packed tour of the exhibitions. At Deep Space LIVE Family at 2 PM both days, photographer Christoph Kaltseis will screen amazing shots of volcanoes all over the world. Impressive footage of the four corners of the Earth has also gone into the making of “Home” and “One Day on Earth.” “Home,” the story of a trip around the world, will be screened on Saturday and Sunday, 2-3:30 PM. It’s followed at 4-5:30 PM both days by “One Day on Earth,” an account of all that goes on during a single day on this planet.

Family Tour
Saturday & Sunday / 11:30 AM & 3:30-5 PM both days

The Family Tour begins with an entertaining and informative tour of the Ars Electronica Center, a presentation that also raises some thought-provoking questions about our future. For instance, how can we best configure our coexistence with robots. Or whether, in five years, we’ll already be able to turn out a new pair of sneakers at home on a 3D printer.

Deep Space LIVE Family: Fire Mountains of Earth
Saturday & Sunday / 2 PM – 3 PM both days

At 2-3 PM both days, photographer Christoph Kaltseis will present pictures of impressive volcanoes all across the face of the Earth. This photographic journey features glowing rivers of lava, smoking volcanic vents and enormous craters.

Saturday & Sunday / 2 PM – 3:30 PM both days

HOME, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, invites viewers to take a trip around the world with an itinerary that includes 50 countries and 120 shooting locations. The footage used for the film shows Earth from a bird’s-eye view—an impressive display of its magnificence as well as the wounds it has suffered due to the environmental destruction wreaked by humankind.

One Day on Earth
Saturday & Sunday / 4 PM – 5:30 PM both days

On Wednesday, 12/12/2012, the Ars Electronica Center will feature an extraordinary motion picture project, one created on 10/10/2010 by a cast & crew of 19,000 people worldwide who filmed touching moments, triumphs and tragedies, or just ordinary elements of everyday life, and uploaded their clips to a website set up especially for that purpose. American artist Kyle Ruddick then edited the submitted footage into a feature-length film entitled “One Day on Earth.”

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