The 2013 Ars Electronica Festival: Big Concert Night

The 2013 Ars Electronica Festival
Big Concert Night
LENTOS Art Museum Linz, Brucknerhaus / September 8, 2013

(Linz, August X, 2013) Orchestral music and digital sounds, live electronics and visualizations are the key elements that go into the Big Concert Night that Ars Electronica, the Brucknerhaus Linz and the Bruckner Orchester have been staging annually since 2002. The prime attributes of this extraordinary get-together are juxtapositions of music from the 20th and 21st centuries as well as encounters of acoustic instruments and digital media. It’s also become a tradition to invite artists to contribute live visualizations of the musical works being performed. This year’s Big Concert Night is set for Sunday, September 8 at 7 PM.

Acoustic Time Travel gets this trip started …

The overture this time around is Acoustic Time Travel by Bill Fontana (US), the latest Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN honoree. He’s followed by the duo of Carl Stone (US) and Gil Kuno (JP) performing Radiologic. Music performed during the next break is by MFRedman Collective.

Bruckner Orchester Conducted by Dennis Russell Davies

Then it’s on to the Brucknerhaus for a screening of Welcome Transients, a show by Ernie Kovacs (US), and the Bruckner Orchester Linz conducted by Dennis Russell Davies (US/AT) performing the 10th Symphony by Philip Glass (US), Requies by Luciano Berio (IT) and, with vibraphone soloist David Friedman (US), Leah Muir’s (US) By the Reflecting Pool. The visualizations are the work of Arístides García (ES) and Andreas Koller (AT/UK).

Intermission with Performances and a Film Screening

During an intermission, TOTAL RECALL Exhibition Performances will star Yuri Suzuki (JP), Keith Lam (HK) and Michelle Ngai (TW) displaying their musical gifts in their installations The Sound of the Earth and Device Playing: Cassette Recorder (II). Making its Austrian debut is the audiovisual production Ye Shanghai by Roberto Paci Dalo (IT) about the Jewish ghetto in Shanghai during and after World War II.

Electronic Finale with re-lay

The lineup for the electronic finale features re-lay (Tobias Ehrhardt, AT) & 19 hertz (Emanuel Jauk, AT) with cut.repeat as well as Daito Manabe and Satoru Higa (both JP).

Total Recall – The Evolution of Memory

This year’s Ars Electronica Festival is set for September 5-9 in Linz. The 2013 theme is TOTAL RECALL – The Evolution of Memory. The festival program includes, as always, a diversified lineup of symposia, exhibitions, performances, interventions and concerts. Details will be posted over the coming weeks to Plus, thought-provoking background info and interviews with participating artists and scientists will be made available on the festival blog at

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