Ars Electronica Linz at ICT&ART CONNECT 2013 in Brussels

Ars Electronica Linz GmbH:
Ars Electronica Linz at ICT&ART CONNECT 2013

(Linz, November 8, 2013) Ars Electronica will be making a guest appearance at ICT&ART CONNECT 2013, a three-day event being held at the European Parliament and four other locations in Brussels November 9-11. This is an endeavor to come up with approaches to solving current social challenges by exploring the fertile domain at the nexus of art and information & communications technologies. Ars Electronica Artistic Director Gerfried Stocker will deliver a keynote address at the European Parliament. An Animation Festival lineup, Shadowgram and two other installations are representing Ars Electronica at this year’s ICT&ART CONNECT.


Shadowgram is an innovative mode of “social brainstorming.” First, a user stands before a light panel and is photographed. The result is a silhouette image that can be printed out as a mini-sticker and then applied to a “map.” Finally, the image is complemented by a stick-on speech balloon containing a personal statement. Grouped in preset thematic clusters—the silhouettes and their speech balloons thus give a general impression of prevailing opinions, and manifest critique or agreement.

Ars Electronica Animation Festival – Experimental

The works screened by the Ars Electronica Animation Festival have been selected from among the most outstanding entries to this year’s Prix Ars Electronica. They display excellence with respect to both content and design, and impressively get across both how expansively the genre has grown as well as the extent to which it already pervades our everyday life—in visible form as digital animation or disguised as simulation. The Experimental program of the Animation Festival is a collection of innovative design forays in various forms and genres—for instance, works produced in blog format as serial animation by multiple artists.

Gerfried Stocker

Gerfried Stocker is a media artist and telecommunications engineer. In 1991, he founded x-space, a team formed to carry out interdisciplinary projects, which went on to produce numerous installations and performances featuring elements of interaction, robotics and telecommunications. Since 1995, Gerfried Stocker has been artistic director of Ars Electronica. In 1995-96, he headed the crew of artists and technicians that developed the Ars Electronica Center’s pioneering new exhibition strategies and set up the facility’s in-house R&D department, the Ars Electronica Futurelab. He has been chiefly responsible for conceiving and implementing the series of international exhibitions that Ars Electronica has staged since 2004, and, beginning in 2005, for the planning and thematic repositioning of the new, expanded Ars Electronica Center.


The ICT@ART CONNECT is a three-day event featuring speeches, exhibitions, performances and workshops staged at the European Parliament and four other locations in Brussels. This aim is to scrutinize points of interface involving information & communications technologies and the arts as a means of mastering contemporary social challenges. A key aspect in this context is fostering social creativity as well as technology. The event is being organized by DG CONNECT, the European Commission’s Directorate General in charge of ICT, in cooperation with the European Parliament, Artshare, iMAL, Bozar, HLP Gallery, Hotel Bloom, and FET-ART, a project subsidized by FP7.

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