Deep Space LIVE: MetOp – nicht nur ein Wettersatellit

Deep Space LIVE: MetOp – Not Just a Weather Satellite
Thursday, November 14, 2013 / 8-9 PM / Ars Electronica Center

(Linz, November 11, 2013) Every day, countless satellites are orbiting the Earth and sending back enormous quantities of data. One of them is MetOp. Othmar Coser, the ÖWF–Austrian Space Forum’s environmental consultant, will elaborate on this Earth observation satellite at the next Deep Space LIVE on Thursday, November 14, 2013. MetOp delivers weather data as well as highly revealing information about climate change.

Othmar Coser will host one more Deep Space LIVE event:
December 12, 2013: SMOS – Mission: Hydrological Cycle

Othmar Coser

Othmar Coser was born in 1958 in Innsbruck. Since 1994, he has headed the Environmental Crime Unit at the Province of Upper Austria’s Bureau of Investigation, and he’s been a volunteer on the staff of the ÖWF–Austrian Space Forum since 2008. In conjunction with the Eye in the Sky Initiative by the ÖWF and the Province of Upper Austria, he has served as coordinator & project director of speeches about Earth observation since March 2010.

Deep Space

A visit to Deep Space is a truly unforgettable experience. It’s quipped with a total of eight 1080p high-definition and active stereo-capable Barco Galaxy NH12 projectors that can display 16×9-meter, crystal-clear images on the walls and floor. Whether you’re into great works from the history of art, space travel, journeys of discovery in the nanoworld, or a 3D South Sea island for kids, there are countless realms to discover in Deep Space.

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