Interactive-Creative Days at the Ars Electronica Center

Interactive-Creative Days at the Ars Electronica Center
Friday, December 27, 2013 / 10:30 AM-2:30 PM
Thursday & Friday, January 2-3, 2014 / 10:30 AM-2:30 PM

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(Linz, December 19, 2013) The great lineup of events at the Ars Electronica Center is the perfect way to keep the blues at bay while school’s out for Christmas break! At Interactive-Creative Days, 7-12-year-olds can spend four hours programming robots, piloting a quadcopter or mixing sounds. Register via e-mail to or by calling 0732.7272.51. The Ars Electronica Center will be closed for winter vacation January 6-13.

Ma Boter and Ro Schine (Ages 7-10)
Friday, December 27, 2013 & Thursday, January 2, 2014 / 10:30 AM-2:30 PM both days

Programming robots and building action figures is easy when you do it with LEGO WeDo. Whether it’s a souped-up sports car, an enchanting fairy or a scary dragon—kids learn simple, fun ways to give free rein to their imagination!

Measure by Measure (Ages 11-14)
Friday, December 27, 2013 / 10:30 AM-2:30 PM

This workshop imparts all sorts of interesting information about measuring. Kids age 11 to 14 find out about techniques used in the past, and experience how their own body can be used as a measuring instrument. Then, a treasure hunt lets kids put what they just learned into action. The final item on the agenda is a visit to Deep Space for some jumbo-format, high-definition visuals.

Quadrocopter Flight School (Ages 8-12)
Thursday& Friday, January 2-3, 2014 / 10:30 AM-2:30 PM both days

Quadcopters are tiny, multi-rotor drone whirlybirds. Here you can steer one through an obstacle course to test your piloting skill. Plus, you’ll learn a thing or two about the use of quadcopters in science, the military, art and entertainment.

Sound Factory (Ages 8-14)
Friday, January 3, 2014 / 10:30 AM-2:30 PM

With a recording device in their backpack, kids go off in search of interesting sounds. Then, what they capture can be mixed into their own tracks in the Ars Electronica Center’s SoundLab. Infotrainers will provide support as the participants tune in to, record and compose their pieces of sound art.

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We will be closed Tuesday & Wednesday, December 24-25, 2013
Special Opening Hours: Thursday, December 26, 2013 / 10 AM-6 PM; Thursday, December 31, 2013 / 10 AM-2 PM
Ars Electronica will be closed from Monday, January 6 to Monday, January 13, 2014
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Sound Factory / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion / Album