Deep Space LIVE: Among Humans

Deep Space LIVE: Among Humans
Thursday, January 16, 2014 / 8-9 PM / Ars Electronica Center

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Press Release “Deep Space LIVE: Among Humans” / PDF
An interview with producer Christian Rost can be found on the Ars Electronica Blog.

(Linz, January 13, 2014) A very poignant documentary will be screened at the next Deep Space LIVE this Thursday, January 16. The film’s protagonists are 40 traumatized chimpanzees. These survivors of animal testing were infected with HIV and hepatitis viruses by a pharmaceutical company. They now live at a former safari park near Vienna, where they’re tended by four keepers. The screening will be followed by a discussion with filmmaker Christian Rost, Ars Electronica Artistic Director Gerfried Stocker, and Manuel Selg, professor of molecular biology at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences’ Wels Campus.

Christian Rost

Christian Rost was born in 1955 in Lörrach, Germany. While studying education for students with special needs, he worked as a cultural journalist and photographer—his work appeared in, among other media outlets, Transatlantik, epd-film and Sounds. He went on to author the BR–Bavarian Broadcasting Company’s “Tele-college: Biology” series. Since 1984, he’s been a member of BR’s editorial staff covering school & educational matters.

Deep Space LIVE

The Ars Electronica Center is now hosting a Deep Space LIVE event every Thursday (except holidays) at 8 PM. Each presentation will feature ultra-high-definition imagery in 16×9-meter format and will be accompanied by expert commentary, entertaining stand-up repartee, and musical improvisation. Whether great works from the history of art, space travel, journeys of discovery in the Nanoworld, or a live concert is what you’ve come to behold, Deep Space LIVE stands for enlightening entertainment amidst breathtaking worlds of imagery. Admission is €2. Holders of a valid Museum ticket are admitted free of charge.


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