Family Days at the Ars Electronica Center

Family Days at the Ars Electronica Center
Saturday & Sunday, May 24-25, 2014 / 10 AM-6 PM / Ars Electronica Center

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(Linz, May 21, 2014) A colorfully diverse lineup of activities awaits visitors to the Ars Electronica Center during Family Days this coming weekend, May 24-25, 2014. There’s lots to do for young and old. In the FabLab, the workshop of the future, you can redesign old books and digitize them with a book scanner. In Deep Space, there’s a 16×9-meter jumbo screen that lets you discover fascinating details in the puzzling Voynich Manuscript. And in the Blinky arts & crafts workshop, you can get creative designing accessories.

Blinky Arts & Crafts
Saturday & Sunday, May 24-25, 2014 / 10 AM-6 PM

Blinking brooches, day-glo barrettes, or iridescent insects—at this arts & crafts workshop, you can design cool accessories and take them home with you. Give free rein to your imagination!

Your Picture Book
Saturday & Sunday, May 24-25, 2014 / 10 AM-6 PM

Old books—ones you bring from home or those made available at the Ars Electronica Center—can be redesigned according to your own taste in the FabLab. You can copy them, paint them over, modify and supplement them. The end result can then be digitized with a book scanner.

Deep Space Family
Saturday & Sunday, May 24-25, 2014 / 12:30 and 4:30 PM/ Duration: 30 minutes

Books are the centerpiece of Deep Space Family. Visitors both young and old can peruse the puzzling Voynich Manuscript, a 100-year-old book written in a mysterious alphabet and language that has yet to be deciphered. Then, an animated film entitled “Flying Books” gives a wonderful account of the special relationship between people and books.

Family Tour
Saturday & Sunday, 11:30 AM / 2 PM / 3:30 PM
Price: 3 € (not including admission), Duration: 1½ hours

Young and old can take a very eventful journey through the Museum of the Future and jointly give some thought to the future of our world. A program highlight: “Best of Deep Space.”
Please preregister for this tour by calling 0732.7272.51 or sending an e-mail to


Blinky Basteln / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore / William Joyce (US) and Brandon Oldenburg (US) / Moonboot Studios / Printversion