Long Night of the Stages at Ars Electronica Center Linz

Long Night of the Stages at Ars Electronica Center Linz
Saturday, June 14, 2014 / 4-11:30 PM

press release “Long Night of the Stages at Ars Electronica Center Linz”

(Linz, June 12, 2014) The curtain’s going up for an evening of theater, dance and fairy tales, as the Ars Electronica Center once again hosts the Long Night of the Stages. A very colorful program features terrific stories, musical offerings, breathtaking universes viewed on Deep Space’s ultimate infrastructure, and “Anatta,” an extraordinary dance performance by media artist Viktor Delev.

The complete program is available online:http://www.langenachtderbuehnen.at/?cat=4

Here’s an overview:

Anatta / 8 & 10 PM / Deep Space

“Anatta,” a dance performance conceived by Viktor Delev, works with reduced forms of representation. Detectors capture the movements of dancer Joanna Gruberska on site in real time. The resulting data control the visualizations in the performance space.

Wolpertinger, Basilisk & Donaunixe / In the Project Genesis Exhibition / 4 & 6 PM

Storyteller Claudia Edermayer transports her audience into a world inhabited by horned bunnies, breathtakingly beautiful nymphs, and a strange beast whose gaze is deadly and can be defeated only by deception. Right after the storytelling session, young visitors can conjure up fantastic worlds of their own in Project Genesis, an exhibition that deals with the possibilities and dangers of synthetic biology.

The Magician and His Homunculus / In the Project Genesis Exhibition / 7:30 & 9 PM

Claudia Edermayer offers an account of a magician named Kartaphilus and his desperate search for the elixir of immortality—brewing potions and summoning forth demons. But when he creates a homunculus, an artificial humanoid, great misfortune ensues.

Deep Space Family / 4:30 & 6 PM / Deep Space

An adventure for the whole family—youngsters and grown-ups alike are invited to Deep Space in the Ars Electronica Center, where they can jointly explore virtual worlds in 2-D and 3-D and save a South Sea island from a dastardly pirate.

Journey through the Universe 3D / 5 PM / Deep Space

Interactive 3-D flights through outer space will be blasting off at the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space. The 16×9-meter wall & floor projection surface enables visitors to explore the incredible dimensions of the universe in breathtaking visualizations. Modeled three-dimensional representations of the planets of our solar system as well as distant galaxies make them seem close enough to touch! Additional phenomena like the orbits of heavenly bodies and the Earth’s magnetic field are shown in spectacular visualizations.

Best of Deep Space / 5:30, 7 & 11 PM / Deep Space

This best-of selection demonstrates the incredible capabilities of Deep Space’s projection technology. A journey through outer space, a downhill run on Austria’s most spectacular ski slope, a 3-D stroll around Pompeii …


Anatta / Martin Hieslmair / Printversion / Album


Reise durch’s 3D Universum / rubra / Printversion / Album


Ars Electronica Center / Lois Lammerhuber, Nicolas Ferrando / Printversion / Album