74,860 Visits to Ars Electronica Festival Events So Far

2014 Ars Electronica Festival
74,860 Visits to Ars Electronica Festival Events So Far

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(Linz, September 8, 2014) Almost 75,000 visits to Ars Electronica Festival events have been tallied since last Thursday. The final figure at this evening’s conclusion of the five-day festival is projected to hit 85,000. “Staging most of the festival in Linz’s inner city has proven to be a complete success,” was the enthusiastic reaction of co-producers Christine Schöpf and Gerfried Stocker. “And, after all the rain we’ve had in recent weeks, the fact that we were blessed with sunny skies and warm temperatures was a real godsend!” Another big contribution to the success of this year’s concept was made by the many and varied tours offered by the WE GUIDE YOU program. “Of course, when the festival venues include an array of prominent as well as obscure downtown locations—classrooms and a gymnasium, streets and squares, an underground garage, a shopping mall and the lobby of a bank—it’s to be expected that some visitors are going to have difficulties finding their way around,” said Martin Honzik, director of the Ars Electronica Festival. “Our response was to develop a wide assortment of guided tours, and the acceptance has been tremendous. To date, we’ve conducted 114 tours for approximately 1,300 festivalgoers.” The broad spectrum of formats on this year’s festival lineup made it possible to reach very varied target audiences. “The sessions of the premiere Future Innovators Summit with its A-list participants were tightly focused and very productive,” stated Gerfried Stocker. “Photos and videos of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD and the LipDup attest to their very high level of acceptance by people here in the region.”

579 Artists & Scientists from 59 Countries; 427 Events

579 artists and scientists, tech-heads, musicians and sound art aficionados, entrepreneurs and inventors from 59 countries were actively involved in this year’s Ars Electronica. They collectively staged and starred in a total of 427 individual productions.

160 Partners and Associates

Collaboration with universities and colleges, R&D labs, companies, associations and initiatives was more extensive than ever before. The festival was produced in cooperation with 61 partners and associates from Austria and abroad. An additional 99 co-producers were involved in u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD.

363 Media Outlet Representatives from 30 Countries

A total of 363 journalists and bloggers from 30 countries were accredited to this year’s Ars Electronica. The list of media outlets they represent includes Financial Times, New Scientist, Wired UK, Wired Germany, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Deutsche Welle, Art & Design Magazine from China, Kobe Magazine, Croatian National TV, Le Soir, GoTV, Delo, Slovak Radio and Science Friday Radio.


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