Deep Space LIVE: Spiritual Cloud

Deep Space LIVE
Spiritual Cloud with Manfred Litzlbauer

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(Linz, March 30, 2015) At the next Deep Space LIVE on Thursday, April 2, 2015 in the Ars Electronica Center, Manfred Litzlbauer, CEO of Engergie AG Oberösterrreich Data Gmbh and Breitbandinfrastruktur GmbH, will deliver a speech entitled “Spiritual Cloud” about how the increasing proliferation of technology in everyday life will influence our consciousness.

Spiritual Cloud

Technology exerts an ever-more-powerful influence on daily life. We communicate via Facebook and What’s App, we shop at Amazon, we plan and book our vacations online, and we consult apps to find out when the next bus departs, where the nearest pharmacy is and lots, lots more. The immense deluge of videos available at sites like YouTube considerably affects our perception of the world too. Up to now, only political ideologies, religious theologies and personal value systems were able to exert a comparable impact on our worldview and image of our fellow human beings. The question raised by this phenomenon is the extent to which technology influences our consciousness and our spirituality. In other words: How can digitization be integrated into a spiritual life?

Manfred Litzlbauer

Manfred Litzlbauer is CEO of the regional utility’s data processing and broadband infrastructure subsidiaries. He’s also responsible for the development and marketing of the utility’s computing center for business customers. Manfred Litzlbauer attended Paul Hahn Technical School in Linz from 1977 to 1982, and then graduated from the University of Linz. At the University of Salzburg, he wrote a master’s thesis entitled “Global Spirituality and Global Consciousness as Manifested on the Internet“.

Deep Space LIVE

Deep Space is a one-of-a-kind location. Nowhere else in the world can visitors behold such jumbo-format, high-definition photographs, films, animated works and 3-D applications—16x 9 meter, crystal-clear images projected onto the wall and floor.


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