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(Linz, November 3, 2016) A jam-packed lineup of activities for young and old alike awaits visitors to the Ars Electronica Center November 5-6. Among the highlights of an archeology-themed Deep Space Weekend are a virtual 3-D walking tour of the Hisn al Bab fortress in Egypt, spectacular finds yielded by a long-term dig in Lauriacum (Enns, and the latest research results from underwater excavations in Upper Austria. Trailblazing ideas occupy the center of attention on Saturday, November 5th during the live broadcast of a TEDxCERN conference from the headquarters of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. And during the Long Night of the Stages on the evening of November 6th, we’ll be hosting a very diverse program of drama, dance, performance, cabaret and music.

Here’s an overview of the Deep Space Weekend lineup:

Hisn al Bab /Saturday, November 5 / 1:30 PM /with Dr. Irene Forstner-Müller (Austrian Archeological Institute)

Hisn al Bab is an ancient fortress near Aswan on what used to be the border between Egypt and Nubia. It was first built by the Roman rulers of Egypt and later taken over by the Christian kingdom of Nubatia. Hisn al Bab then developed into a major settlement, the ruins of which are very well preserved. In Deep Space, Irene Forstner-Müller of the Austrian Archeological Institute presents a virtual 3-D walking tour of Hisn al Bab.

Hercules in a Lime Kiln / Saturday, November 5 / 3 PM / with Felix Lang (University of Salzburg) and Stefan Traxler (OÖ Landesmuseum)

The largest lime kiln complex ever discovered in the Roman Empire’s Rhine-Danube provinces was found in 2008 in what was once the Roman town of Lauriacum and is now the city of Enns. Work began this year on excavating the best-preserved kiln in preparation for an exhibition at the 2018 Upper Austria State Fair. Now, the results of this dig and the most spectacular finds are being presented for the first time in a speech open to the public.

Ars vivendi et Ars moriendi on the Roman Empire’s Northern Border / Sunday, November 6 / 4:30 PM / with Wolfgang Klimesch and Martina Reitberger (Archenova)

This talk is meant to demonstrate how the material remains of a very advanced ancient civilization can still yield exciting new insights into civilian and military life in days of yore. This reconstruction of the Romans’ way of life is based on artifacts brought to light by archeological digs in Lauriacum (Enns), Kronstorf and Schlögen.

A Scuba Dive to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Pfahlbauten / Sunday, November 6 / 3 PM/ with Henrik Pohl (OÖ Landesmuseum)

Dig director Henrik Pohl invites visitors to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of Pfahlbauten [lakeside dwellings built on pilings]. He’ll present some extraordinary finds and the latest insights from underwater excavations in Upper Austria.

Hallstatt – Finds in a Prehistoric Salt Mine / Sunday, November 6 / 4:30 PM / with Hans Reschreiter (Natural History Museum Vienna)

Salt has been mined in Hallstatt for millennia. Nowhere in the world is there a region with a longer history of industry and culture. Hans Reschreiter offers insights into the Salzkammergut, a region in which the great beauty of the landscape is matched by the extraordinary facts of its history.

TEDxCERN – Live Broadcast in the Ars Electronica Center / Saturday, November 5 / 2:30-6:30 PM

The European Organization for Nuclear Research is hosting the fourth TEDxCERN on Saturday, November 5th and this event will be simulcast at the Ars Electronica Center. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conferences are famous for hosting great talks and making the best of them available free-of-charge online at the TED Talks website that has already chalked up over 3 billion views. This conference will treat a range of topics: technology, entertainment, design, business, culture, art and science. On November 5th, speakers will talk about the inception of these ideas and how they’ve since changed our view of the world.

The Long Night of the Stages is also set for November 5th. The lineup includes drama, dance, performance, cabaret and music:

In between two pills / Saturday, November 5 / 7-7:20 PM / Deep Space / with Cinty Ionescu

“In between two pills” is a multimedia play that presents a Romanian take on the subject of depression. This show conceived by video designer Cinty Ionescu interweaves true stories, interviews and fantasy sequences.

WEBER+KIRBERG – Part 1 / 7:30-8 PM / Sky Loft / with Katrin Weber & Thiemo Kierberg

Singer Katrin Weber and guitarist Thiemo Kirberg explore the expressive possibilities of a musical duo working in a range of genres including blues, jazz and Brazilian bossa nova.

SOMAPHONY / 7:40-8, 10:45-11 PM / Deep Space / with Katharina Köller & Antoni Kyzhekov

SOMAPHONY by Antoni Rayzhekov is an audiovisual composition that can be played like a musical instrument. The project explores reciprocal dependency and the cybernetic relationship between a performer and an instrument that behaves autonomously.

Mythical Linz – Saga Stroll / 8-8:40 PM / Start in the Lobby / with Claudia Edermayer

Storyteller Claudia Edermayer narrates fairytales while strolling from Urfahr to Linz. This event will be held come rain or shine.

Birdville / 8:20-8:40, 11:30-11:50 PM / Deep Space / with TANGAJ DANCE

Birdville is an interactive dance performance dealing with interpersonal communication. The sound compositions are generated in real time by the dancers’ voices and bodies.

LA MUSA_MUZE / 8:30-9 PM, Sky Loft / with Bernadette Zeilinger & Diego Muné

This international duo has already made quite a name for itself in Paris, London and Budapest, moving audiences with natural gentleness and extraordinary technique.

See what you made me do / 9-9:20 PM / Deep Space / with Viktor Delev & Didi Bruckmayr

“See what you made me do” is a play/performance at the nexus of coincidence, improvisation, free will and control. The plot is influenced by interaction of the performers.

WEBER+KIRBERG – Part 2 / 9:30-10 PM / Sky Loft / with Katrin Weber & Thiemo Kierberg

Singer Katrin Weber and guitarist Thiemo Kirberg explore the expressive possibilities of a musical duo working in a range of genres including blues, jazz and Brazilian bossa nova.

Rotor / 9:30-9:50 PM / Deep Space / with Venelin Shurelov (SubHuman Theatre)

Half performance, half installation—the plot of “Rotor” goes through two phases: Part 1 begins with an empty stage on which electro-mechanical, kinetic mechanisms are set up before the audience; in Part 2, Venelin Shurelov’s body blends with the construction.

4 at a time / 10:05-10:25 PM / Deep Space / with The Crew – Dance productions

“4 at a time” is a potpourri of well-known pieces and new productions, mostly contemporary dance and performative elements.

Acoustic Travellers Duo / 10:30-11, 11:15-11:45 PM / Sky Loft / with Wolfgang Sambs & Michael Leibetseder

Wolfgang Sambs and Michael Leibetseder create a trailblazing blend of classical guitar with contemporary composition and improvisation, enriched by tonal diversity and subtlety. They engender a profound, exhilarating fusion of classical, jazz and world music.

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