1 Ticket, 9 Museen, 4 Tage:
MUSEUM TOTAL von 23. bis 26. Februar 2017

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1 Ticket, 9 Museums, 4 Days:
MUSEUM TOTAL February 23-26, 2017

(Linz, February 14, 2017) Four days of world-class culture for one very affordable price—that’s the great idea behind Museum Days in Linz. The Ars Electronica Center, Biology Center, Landesgalerie, LENTOS Art Museum, NORDICO Stadtmuseum, OÖ Kulturquartier, Schlossmuseum, StifterHaus and voestalpine Stahlwelt are hosting MUSEUM TOTAL February 23-26. The lineup of events includes exhibitions, 30+ excursions, an art parcours and family-style guided tours as well as lots of workshops, theatrical presentations and magic shows. All dates/times and details about this year’s fourth edition of Museum Days are online at Tickets—€5 for youngsters; €10 for adults—are available at all participating museums except StifterHaus. MUSEUM TOTAL is produced jointly by Linz’s museums and the city’s tourism marketing agency.

A Multifaceted Program with Activities for Visitors of All Ages

Museum Days in Linz is a wonderful activity for the whole family! The highlights include Deep Space 8K and Kids’ Research Lab at the Ars Electronica Center, guided tours of a steel plant and scavenger hunts at voestalpine Stahlwelt, and, in Schlossmuseum, an excursion back in time to the ancient Romans and even the dinosaurs. At the LENTOS Art Museum, Loreen plays with time, while the colorful world of Urfix is the featured attraction at NORDICO. The Landesgalerie invites visitors to partake of “classic art” and mixed feelings. Scandals aplenty are being aired at the OK Center for Contemporary Art in the OÖ Kulturquartier. The Biology Center showcases lichens as providers of dye, poison and pharmaceuticals. And StifterHaus will serve as the venue of a performance of “Das Städtchen Drumherum,” a paper-theater play by children’s book authors Mira Lobe and Susi Weigel that shows how to get exciting books across to young people.

Weekend Package courtesy of Linz Tourism

In conjunction with MUSEUM TOTAL, Linz is offering attractive weekend packages beginning as low as €109 for a two-night stay (including breakfast buffet) in the hotel of your choice. Guests also enjoy all the advantages of the Linz Card.

MUSEUM TOTAL: The Lineup at the Respective Institutions

at Schlossmuseum Linz
Family Days “Roman” / February 23-24 / 10 AM-5 PM

They’re crazy, those Romans! At least, that’s what Asterix thought. On this guided tour, families will learn about some of the ancient Romans’ trailblazing inventions. Then, in accordance with Roman custom, the next stop is a Creative Station where visitors are invited to design an exciting dice game or decorative mosaics.

Family Days “Nature Upper Austria” / February 25-26 / 10 AM-5 PM

Attention! Things are going to get beastly at the Schlossmuseum, where the focus of this Family Days tour is on Upper Austria’s fauna. Novice trackers will learn to identify hoof and paw prints and apply face paint. Here, the accent is on real animals in the wild!

at Landesgalerie Linz
Family Tours “Mixed Feelings. Class Art V” / February 23-26 / 10 AM & 2 PM
Ready for a fast-paced ride on an emotional rollercoaster? What color is love; can one touch rage; and why do some things evoke revulsion? From jubilant to inconsolable, this journey of adventure covers the whole spectrum of feelings in the world of art.

at Biologiezentrum Linz
Family Tour “Lichens: Dye, Poison, Medicine / February 23-26 2 / 10 AM & 3 PM

From habitats right before our doorstep to the Earth’s most extreme climatic zones, lichens can get adjusted just about anywhere. At Biologiezentrum Linz, you’ll learn about what lichens are, how and where they live, what role they play in nature, and how they benefit humankind.

at LENTOS Art Museum Linz

Loreen Plays with Time

Loreen the Tortoise accompanies visitors age 4 and up through a presentation of works from the permanent collection. The jolly docent and a box of Faber-Castell colored pencils are available from personnel on site. Preregistration is not required.

Linz Art University “Brave New Sculpture”

On five days in February, the LENTOS is the setting of an art project staged jointly by Landestheater Linz and Linz Art University. The results will be presented publically in conjunction with MUSEUM TOTAL on the afternoon of February 25 with artist Gottfried Bechtold in attendance.

at NORDICO Stadtmuseum

Family Tour “Urfahr Market Fair”

A county fair mood pervades the city museum! This family-style tour takes in NORDICO’s current exhibition focusing on the Urfahr Market Fair. “Urfix” elaborates on the development of this Linz institution from its very inception to the present.

Hokusflokus Circus Magic Show

Sorcerers’ apprentices Karo and Karoline are practicing ambitiously so they’ll be permitted to perform in the circus. But until they’re ready, they still have to polish the props used by Chief Magician Spinnenbein. With the help of children in the audience, they can become real circus performers. This enchanting drama for young theatergoers is staged in conjunction with the “Urfahr Market Fair” exhibition.

at the OK Center for Contemporary Art in OÖ Kulturquartier

SUUUPER Family Workshop

In art, just about anything’s possible—toilets become fountains, artists morph into artistes, surprising differences abound! You can be anything you want to be, and not only during Carnival season. For instance, Lina is Spiderman, Tim is Lillifee and Anna is Mani the Mammoth. In a “covert operation,” they’ll be creating a being the likes of which nobody’s even seen before! For kids ages 4-11 and their parents. Meeting place: OK Box Office.

You’re in for provocation!

The SKANDAL NORMAL? exhibition not only features stuff that caused quite a stir in bygone days; above all, it offers the possibility to conceive of art as a means of subjecting one’s own canon of values to a long, hard review and to discuss the findings within the framework of a tour.

What sort of world are we actually living in? Tour through the CRISTINA LUCAS exhibition

Spanish artist Cristina Lucas poses radical, critical questions about the reality of modern life. Democracy, globalization and the mechanisms of power are the subjects of her intensive and, at the same time, highly aesthetic confrontation with the world.

at voestalpine World of Steel

Workshop #Steel

Experiment and Experience is the motto of this workshop. Steel is flexible and versatile—so take a seat at the workbench and try your hand at fashioning it!

A Spin on the Pandora Diesel Locomotive

This is not your everyday ride! On this round trip through the plant grounds, you’ll discover some extraordinary sights and come upon amazing insights.

Ferry & Molekularus live

A young researcher named Ferry and his friend Molekularus, the all-knowing robot ball, greet young visitors to the Stahlwelt. Great photo op!

Plant Tour for Families

There’s a lot to see spread out over 5 km2. Absolute highlights are visits to the blast furnace and the hot rolling mill, where you’re guaranteed to get a warm reception!

at Stifterhaus

Upper Austrian Literature Museum:
Tours / February 24: 7 PM / February 25: 3:30 PM

In what was once Adalbert Stifter’s apartment, you can see where the author wrote and slept. And also where he ate and drank, which were important parts of life for this great man who greatly enjoyed sumptuous feasts accompanied by excellent beverages! In these five rooms, visitors can also get an amazing, close-up look at literary history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, lavishly illustrated by video and audio material.

Speech (in German) by Evelyne Polt-Heinzl: “Setting out and staying put. When near and far were redefined” / February 24, 7:30 PM

Laymen literati will enjoy this address that considers the literary history of Upper Austria in the 19th century, when intensified globalization due to colonialism opened up new ways of looking at far-off lands and simultaneously changed how locals regarded their neighbors.

Family Tour: Art and Kitsch in the Archive – Literature Gallery / February 23 / 5 PM

This exhibition includes about 80 objects on display—books, photographs and drawings, all the way to some curious collectors’ items various benefactors bequeathed to the Literature Archive of the State of Upper Austria, and that shed fascinating light on their former owners.

Paper-theater “Das Städtchen Drumherum” / February 25, 4 PM

In this play based on the well-known children’s book by Mira Lobe and Susi Weigel, siblings Julius and Juliane struggle to prevent the clear-cutting of their beloved forest. At the last minute, thanks to help from Frau Hullewulle, they’re able to block the bulldozers. This story is lovingly staged by the isipisi puppet theater.

at the Ars Electronica Center

Short Tour & Family Days Showcasing “Creative Robotics”

The “Creative Robotics” exhibition shows industrial robots far beyond the realms in which they’re normally utilized. Instead of deployment for mass-scale assembly in factories, they’re radically re-contextualized as tools of creative expression—robotic arms as innovative applications in the visual arts, design and architecture. All over the world, more and more protagonists in creative scenes are discovering the potential of industrial robot technology in their work. This short tour through the “Creative Robotics” exhibition spotlights some of the astounding tasks these robots are now capable of performing. Family Days will also focus on “Creative Robotics.”

Solar Bugs

It’s a well-known fact that sunlight can produce electricity. And everybody knows that the current generated thereby can, in turn, power machinery. But how much fun it is to build your own Solar Bug and then enter it in a race with other such creatures is something you can now discover for yourself at the Solar Bugs workshop.

Care for a little bit of electronics?

You don’t have to be some kind of electronics genius to build delightfully unique machines with magnetized littleBits electronic construction components. And as you go about it, you’ll also learn to create electrical circuits and build robots with special skills.

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