Deep Space LIVE: The Cosmos’ Wide-brimmed Hat

Ars Electronica Center
Deep Space LIVE: The Cosmos’ Wide-brimmed Hat
July 6, 2017 / 7 PM / Ars Electronica Center

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(Linz, July 3, 2017) The so-called Sombrero Galaxy takes the spotlight at the next Deep Space LIVE this Thursday, July 6th at 7 PM. Dietmar Hager, a Linz-based astrophotographer and physician, will highlight this galaxy’s extraordinary features and then accompany his audience on an exploratory tour via Skype through the observatory of Australian astrophotographer Eric W. Benson. Then, Deep Space LIVE goes on summer recess. We’ll be back on September 9th with fantastic aerial footage of Linz by night!

About Dietmar Hager

Dietmar Hager is a physician and a photographer. He has worked in the field of astrophotography for over 20 years and published images in international journals and textbooks. He has served as the Ars Electronica Center’s astronomy consultant since 2011.

Deep Space LIVE

The Ars Electronica Center hosts a Deep Space LIVE event every Thursday (except holidays) at 7 PM. Each presentation features ultra-high-definition imagery in 16×9-meter format and is accompanied by expert commentary, entertaining stand-up repartee, or musical improvisation. Whether great works from the history of art, space travel, journeys of discovery in the nano-world or a live concert is what you’ve come to behold, Deep Space LIVE stands for enlightening entertainment amidst breathtaking worlds of imagery. Holders of a valid Museum ticket are admitted free of charge.

Sombrero Galaxie / Foto: Ars Electronica – Robert Bauernhansl / Printversion / Album