Ars Electronica and Waag Society Stage STARTS Talks in Frankfurt, Berlin and Eindhoven

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Ars Electronica and Waag Society Stage STARTS Talks in Frankfurt, Berlin and Eindhoven

(Linz/Amsterdam/Eindhoven, October 11, 2017) The Frankfurt Book Fair, DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin, and Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven will be the settings of presentations and panel discussions of the European Commission’s STARTS initiative in the coming days. The STARTS Talks are produced by Ars Electronica Linz and Amsterdam-based Waag Society who, together with BOZAR in Brussels, organize the competition to award the STARTS Prizes.

STARTS at the Frankfurt Book Fair / October 11, 2017

THE ARTS+ was launched in 2016 as the Frankfurt Book Fair’s very own business festival for people working in creative industries, science, publishing, museums, high-tech firms and innovative endeavors. Ars Electronica is on hand once again with one of this year’s highlights. “THERE IS A NEW ART IN TOWN: STARTS – THE ROLE OF ART IN INNOVATION PROCESSES” is a series of presentations followed up by a panel discussion. The speakers are Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström (Rock Print project leader research, Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich), Cécile Bulle (project manager, Culture Tech, member of the consortium of the Vertigo program), Erwin Hoogerwoord (co-founder / CTO Solemaker), Veronika Liebl (co-director, Ars Electronica Festival, STARTS Prize managing partner), Giannino Malossi (managing partner, WEAR Sustain), Heritiana Ranaivoson (imec, WEAR Sustain coordinator) und Ingrid Willems (DataScouts, WEAR Sustain partner).

STARTS Talk #1 at DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin / October 18, 2017

Innovation is not only of key importance to a competitive economy; it is also essential to an open and meaningful society. Accordingly, a discussion of subsidization cannot concentrate solely on scientific and technological skills; it also has to include creativity and critical reflection to a greater extent than has been the case to date. Such contributions could be made, above all, by artists, whose substantive expertise and artistic practices can inspire new prospects and strategies conducive to innovation. Precisely this role of art and its creative, critical and socially sustainable potential will occupy the focal point of the STARTS Talk in DRIVE. The speakers are Garnet Hertz (Disobedient Electronics, Critical Making), Kristoffer Gansing (transmediale), Heinrich Eisele (Design Strategy VOLKSWAGEN GROUP), Philippe Bertrand (BeAnotherLab) and Marleen Stikker (president and co-founder Waag Society, Institute for Art, Science and Technology). Also running until October 26th in DRIVE: is “Ars Electronica in Berlin”, a show of 14 works by international artists dealing with the subject of “movement”.

STARTS Talk #2 at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven / October 26, 2017

The second STARTS Talk is taking place in conjunction with Dutch Design Week. It is dedicated to artistic research and its relevance for science and industry, and will highlight promising forms of cooperation between these spheres. The speakers are Frank Kolkman (experimental designer), Geert Christiaansen (senior director of design innovation, Philips), Sabine Wildevuur (head of programme for healthcare projects, Waag Society’s Creative Care Lab) and Marleen Stikker (president and co-founder, Waag Society Institute for Art, Science and Technology).

Rock Print / Fotocredit: Florian Voggeneder / Printversion