The World’s First Stereo Narrative Film Premieres This Weekend at Pasching Megaplex

Young filmmakers honored by the Prix Ars Electronica stage their first cinema screening
The World’s First Stereo Narrative Film Premieres This Weekend at Pasching Megaplex

(Linz, January 9, 2018) A touching account of dementia is set to premiere at the Hollywood Megaplex in Pasching this Saturday, January 13th at 6 PM. The most remarkable feature of “merk|würdig” is a technique that made its debut at the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival—stereo narrativity, which lets viewers experience this short film from two different perspectives. It was produced by the young staff of Krmpf Krmpf Studios, who are familiar to fans of Ars Electronica; their work entitled “Abenteuer-Arbeitsweg” [Workday Adventure] earned them the 2006 Golden Nica in the Prix Ars Electronica’s u19 – CREATE YOR WORLD category.

Stereo Narrativity – Different Image, Same Sound

Stereo narrativity is the attempt to deploy 3-D technology in an artistic way that directly enhances the film’s narrative technique. Accordingly, the audience views two completely different versions of the plot, whereby the perspective each individual spectator sees depends on which glasses s/he happens to be wearing. Director Alexander Niederklapfer explained: “Although the audience members in the movie theater experience the film together and hear the same soundtrack, two narratives can be related visually. This makes it possible to consider the film’s plot from two different angles. And we found this novel possibility really fascinating”. Thus, not least of all, stereo narrativity places increased importance on a subsequent discussion among spectators about what they’ve witnessed.

merk|würdig [remarkable]

The producers of this project were motivated by their own personal experience with the subject of dementia. In this 25-minute-long film, Margarethe, a woman suffering from dementia, encounters her young granddaughter, Diana, but fails to recognize her. One perspective is that from the world of Margarethe; other moviegoers can follow the very same events from Diana’s point of view. The lead roles are played by Lena Berenberg-Goßler and Anita Koplinger; Günther Lainer, a cabaret performer who gained fame in the TV show “Was gibt es Neues?!”, plays Margarethe’s long-suffering son.

Film Premiere on January 13, 2018

This short film makes its public debut on Saturday, January 13th at 6 PM in Hollywood Megaplex at PlusCity in Pasching. The screening will be followed by a gala reception. Tickets are available at

Krmpf Krmpf Studios

Krmpf Krmpf is a Linz-based, non-commercial film studio established in 2003. The founders, Alexander Niederklapfer, Ehrentraud Hager and David & Magdalena Wurm, have been acquainted since their earliest childhood and have long collaborated on projects—some of them films. Liesa-Marie Wondrascheck became the fifth core group member in 2015. It all began with work on “Abenteuer-Arbeitsweg”, a Lego animated film that premiered in 2006 and was immediately singled out for recognition by the Prix Ars Electronica with the grand prize in the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD category. The producers followed it up in 2008 with “IOCC – The Police in a Race against Time”, their second stop-motion film. Their first short dramatic film, “Verwohnt” [Spoiled], came out in 2012. In the following years, the studio members’ work focused on two major projects: “Ende Mai” [End of May] by Maria Schwab and “Bootstrapping” by Elena Zhivun. The work on “merk|würdig” got underway in 2014.

merk|würdig / Fotocredit: Krmpf Krmpf Studios / Printversion