CYBERARTS – Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition

Ars Electronica 2019

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(Linz, September 5, 2019) The Prix Ars Electronica is considered the world’s most important showcase of excellence in digital media art. Its history impressively documents how quickly the Digital Revolution has progressed during this time span. It was launched in 1987 and meanwhile has seven categories: Computer Animation, Digital Musics & Sound Art, Interactive Art +, Digital Communities, u19 – create your world, Visionary Pioneers of Media Art and—the latest addition— Artificial Intelligence & Life Art. The new category “Artificial Intelligence & Life Art” is dedicated to artistic practice and thinking related with all areas of Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences.

Since 1998, the OK in the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter presents the CYBERARTS Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition. The exhibition is considered an international survey show of digital media art. With their shared drive for what is new and often working in interdisciplinary cooperations, the award-winners offer an overview of developments with their works, demonstrating which social dynamics and topics are currently definitive. A total of 3,256 entries from 82 countries were submitted for prize. The show presents 27 projects in the form of installations or documentaries in the Ursulinenhof – from the basement up to the attic.

Emergence – Universal Everything / Credit: Universal Everything / Printversion / Album