Ars Electronica Solutions installs Deep Space 8K in Mexico

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Ars Electronica Solutions
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(Linz/Sinaloa, 4.2.2020) It’s only the second Deep Space 8K worldwide and Ars Electronica Solutions has just installed it in Culiacan, Mexico. “A prestigious assignment,” says a delighted Michael Mondria, senior director of Ars Electronica Solutions. “It was quite challenging to install a Deep Space 8K so prominently in a science center.” The “Cubo Negro” (black cube) is now the focal point and highlight of the newly renovated Sinaloa Science Center in Culiacan, Mexico. “Our new Science Center wants to provide inspiration for the future. That’s why Deep Space 8K, designed by Ars Electronica Solutions, is the perfect platform for engaging our audience in an exciting and inspiring dialogue,” says a delighted Luis León, general director of the Sinaloa Science Center.

The Cubo Negro
Opened in 1992, the Sinaloa Science Center sees itself as a meeting place for communicating information, science, and technology. In the course of its renovation, all exhibitions were redesigned and re-conceptualized. Ars Electronica Solutions was involved in this process and, in the form of the “Cubo Negro,” was charged with developing the central installation for the new building. “We also paid special attention to compatibility with our Deep Space 8K in Linz so that we can exchange content seamlessly in the future,” says Michael Mondria. “Faced with the challenge of creating a space that stands for the future and conveys its possible manifestations in a unique way, we decided to work with Ars Electronica Solutions. We firmly believe in the potential of alliances with institutions that have a similarly strong social and educational focus and also possess a high level of technological competence and creativity,” says Luis León. Since January 27, 2020, the Sinaloa Science Center has had the world’s second Deep Space 8K. The “Cubo Negro” is a multidimensional, interactive presentation and experiential space with wall and floor projection in 8K. On projection surfaces of 13 by 7.7 meters on the wall and floor, eight 4K high-performance projectors with a maximum total resolution of over 50 million pixels transmit images.

Ars Electronica Solutions
Ars Electronica Solutions creates creative, individual solutions for interactive products and services for exhibitions, brand worlds, fairs, events, and in the field of urban development. These products and services, which primarily convey and visualize information, are adapted to the customer’s individual needs and are used in a variety of ways across all industries.

Fotocredit: Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa / Printversion