Tokyo, Lisbon, Barcelona: A Journey from Solar Orchard to the Garden of Uncertain Practices

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Tuesday, 11.8.2020 / 3 p.m. (UTC +2)
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Tokyo, Lisbon, Barcelona: A Journey from Solar Orchard to the Garden of Uncertain Practices

(Linz, 10.8.2020) Ars Electronica 2020 will take place as a journey around the world from September 9 to 13—not in spite of Corona, but because of it. And for the first time, the Festival for Art, Technology and Society is taking place not only in Linz but at 120 destinations around the globe. From Tokyo to Johannesburg to L.A., artists, scientists, developers and activists will invite you to think about the future. The program will include hundreds of exhibitions, lectures, talks and workshops aimed at local audiences – “Stay Home, Stay Safe”! Via streams, chats, blogs, social media and Mozilla Hubs, Ars Electronica is linking these programs into a festival that will be a forum for people all over the world once again, even in these times of pandemic.

The run-up to this “Festival of 120” is now the subject of separate episodes of “Ars Electronica Home Delivery.” With the motto “Inside Festival,” Ars Electronica curators and artists will host weekly presentations of festival destinations around the world, along with their respective hosts and their visions of the future. This week at “Inside Festival”, August 11, 2020, at 3:00 p.m., Martin Honzik (Ars Electronica Festival Director) and Christl Baur (Co-Producer Ars Electronica Festival / Prix / Exhibitions) will invite you on a journey from Japan to the Iberian Peninsula and will be taking a closer look at the Festival Gardens in Tokyo, Lisbon and Barcelona.

The Garden in Tokyo
The Tokyo Garden is an online place that invites visitors to explore the origin of Japanese media art. Talks with various artists and curators, virtual studio tours, a shared archive, and presentations of current works by Japanese media artists, including the winners* of the Japan Media Arts Festival 2020, are planned. Therd will also be a number of entertainment programs with DJs and artists. The Tokyo Garden will also hosts a website for various Japanese artists and organizations that have played an important role in Japan’s media arts scene.

FEMeeting 2020 Garden in Lisbon

The FEMeeting 2020 Garden in Lisbon was created in Mozilla Hubs as an additional conference room for the international community. FEMeeting was launched in 2017 to promote collaboration among women in arts, science and technology and to encourage the creation of local hubs and to support their research and artistic creation, build trust and allow the expansion of existing networks.

The Solar Orchard Garden in Barcelona
Curiosity and complexity define the Solar Orchard in Barcelona. The on-site and online visitors/participants of the Barcelona Garden are invited to participate in two complex experiences: Stargazer functions as a radio telescope observatory and laboratory environment that inspects, manipulates and experiments with the virtual world. The Amazonia experience shows earth as a constant ecological equilibrium with the sun balance with the sun, including ritual performances that show contemporary man that nature sets the tone.

Ars Electronica 2020
9 – 13 September

A global journey mapping the ‘new‘ world
In Kepler’s Gardens
at JKU Campus, Linz
and 120 other locations worldwide
Ars Electronica 2020 is a journey to survey the “new” world and a journey through “Kepler’s Gardens”, which are located in Linz at the JKU Campus and at 120 other locations worldwide. In the course of this journey, we will discuss the important questions of our time, questions raised by the global corona crisis, and consider what we can and must do now. All the issues touched upon are marked by a general UNCERTAINTY and the question of how the crisis will shape and change us as individuals and as a society, us as HUMANITY. Two tensions in particular are in focus: AUTONOMY and DEMOCRACY as well as TECHNOLOGY and ECOLOGY.

ABVXHMN / Anna Pompermaier, Cenk Güzelis, Burkart Schwaighofer / Fotocredit: Cenk Gücelis / Printversion

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