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FRI 24.6.2022 / 19:00 – 20:00

(Linz, 22.6.2022) For the most part, we take our human rights so much for granted that we only notice them when they are violated. Thanks to them, we can freely express our opinions, participate in elections, receive adequate health care, and are protected from arbitrary state interference in our private lives. But they can never be taken for granted: they have to be actively demanded, protected and defended again and again, as more and more governments restrict the freedoms of their citizens bit by bit. At a Deep Space Lecture on Friday evening, June 24, Heinz Patzelt, Secretary General of Amnesty International Austria, will give a special insight into the national and international human rights situation and the work of Amnesty International. This Deep Space Lecture can also be followed via live stream. Start is at 19:00.

Amnesty International Austria

In Vienna, about 50 employees work for Amnesty International Austria. They are supported by three volunteers in their daily work. Their tasks include informing members and the Austrian public about human rights violations worldwide, organizing human rights campaigns and actions, human rights education for young people and adults, and lobbying federal authorities and parliament for national and international human rights concerns.

Three new event formats at Deep Space 8K

Concerts of various genres accompanied by immersive visualizations, unique visual experiences that invite interactive participation and inspiring lectures by top-class experts on a wide range of topics. With the three new event formats “Deep Space Concert”, “Deep Space Lecture” and “Deep Space Experience”, the diverse possibilities of Deep Space 8K are used to offer artists, musicians and researchers the perfect setting.

Deep Space Lecture: Ein Einblick in unsere Menschenrechte / Foto: Jarek Godlewski / Printversion