AI-generated storytelling meets Mauro Martino / Ars Electronica Garden Milan: MEET Digital Culture Center (IT), photo:

AI-generated storytelling meets Mauro Martino

Ars Electronica Garden Milan: MEET Digital Culture Center (IT)

The MEET Center of Digital Art and Culture presents the Italian scientist and AI artist Mauro Martino through two of his works: Mapping the NFTs Revolution and the preview of Milan, Factory of the Future

Generative artificial intelligence allows artists to create narratives that escape the confines of traditional structures, giving rise to a new kind of storytelling in which the creative process is characterized by continuous transformation. One of the areas in which AI is having a significant impact is the generation of video from text, allowing artists to create unprecedented audiovisual works based on the power of language.

This approach is perfectly reflected in two works of Mauro Martino that are presented during the Ars Electronica Festival 2023:

Mapping the NFTs Revolution: using advanced deep-learning and data-viz techniques, the artist guides the audience through 5 years of evolution in the NFTs aesthetics and market, documenting the qualitative dimension of an intangible revolution. Based on an impressive amount of data–5 million NFTs, tens of millions of market trades, hundreds of blockchains–Mapping the NFT revolution is also one of the first examples of digital art to use the text-to-video approach.

The preview of Milan, Factory of the Future, where the text-to-video approach is further developed around “the words of the city” enhancing the incessant flow of creativity, technique and imagination that is at the heart of Milan’s identity. The result is a unique narrative experience that challenges conventions and audience expectations. This work is part of the “Nice to meet you” project by MEET and SEA Aeroporti Milano.

  • Mapping the NFTs revolution

    Mapping the NFTs revolution

    Mauro Martino (IT)

    Based on an impressive amount of data collected and analyzed over more than 3 years of scientific research, Mapping the NFTs revolution is not only the most extensive exploration of the NFT phenomenon to date, but also an artistic reflection on its potential and on the space-time continuum that makes it possible (the metaverse).

  • Milan, Factory of the Future

    Milan, Factory of the Future

    Mauro Martino (IT)

    The work is based on the use of new artificial intelligence systems to create a “literary” audiovisual work that originates from texts of various genres, selected and inserted into the creative process with machine learning and AI systems.


The MEET Center is the Italian organization that supports digital culture and creative technology. MEET delivers a massive plan of on life–online and on site–activities that bring people to experience and embrace digital technology as a part of their daily life and a resource for their creativity. Designed as a social-oriented institution, MEET collects, promotes and shares creative ideas and innovative projects to reflect on the digital transformation thought the lens of culture and arts.


Garden Curator: Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President MEET; Artist: Mauro Martino, Founder of the Visual AI Lab – IBM Research, Partner: SEA Aeroporti Milano

Milan, Factory of the Future is presented in collaboration with SEA Aeroporti Milano, as part of Nice to meet you, a SEA project curated by the MEET Center that has promoted digital art since 2019.

In collaboration with YES Milano.

Project supported by the Italian Council (2023), Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture