Biosymbiotic Exoskeleton / Dorotea Dolinšek (SI), photo:

Biosymbiotic Exoskeleton

Dorotea Dolinšek (SI)

The artistic aim is to assemble a spacesuit as a complete life-support system. This wearable, heavily technologized capsule, is understood as the ultimate interiorization of a human, as well as isolation from the environment. However, what makes human presence in outer space possible is the symbiotic coexistence with the non-human, one’s personal microbiome. This vessel of organisms, interconnected with the human body, is challenged by radical outer space conditions toward which the somatic body shows more physiological plasticity than its microbiome. Relative sterility inside this wearable architecture of a spacesuit is one of the factors that compromise balance among the silent non-human cast of space travelers, leading to dysbiosis. The artistic investigation aims to enhance symbiotic alliances between humans, technology and non-human living beings that will collaborate to evolve one’s living environment, forming a biosymbiotic environment. While such understanding raises the prospect of interplanetarity through coexistence, it also helps us cultivate the capacity to respond to deep and urgent ecological issues on planet Earth.


Curatorial guidance: Christl Baur, Martin Honzik, Jurij Krpan, Sandra Sajovic
Technical solutions: Dmitry Morozov
Expertise support: Anastasia Bragina, Kristijan Tkalec, Manuel Selg
Graphic design: Barbara Sušnik
Construction: Andraž Tarman (Rompom)
Inflatables: Ursula Klein (Schulteswien)
Technical support: Simon Gmajner, Jure Sajovic
Special thanks: Gabriele Berg, Leo Schatzl, Randolf Helmstetter, Florian Voggender, Johannes Buchwieser, Miha Turšič, Gernot Grömer
Co-produced by: Kersnikova Institute, Ars Electronica

This project is funded and presented in the context of the EMAP project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Portrait of Dorotea Dolinšek
Photo: Mario Zupanov

Dorotea Dolinšek (SI)

Dorotea Dolinšek is a Ljubljana-based post-media artist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in painting that she gained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Currently, she is studying Video and New Media Art at the Academy in Ljubljana. She’s collaborating with Kersnikova Institute (Kapelica Gallery) since 2020. In 2021 she received a student award at the International Festival of Computer Arts in Maribor, Slovenia.