• FANGØ a Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google Obfuscator

    FANGØ a Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google Obfuscator

    Martin Nadal (ES)

    FANGØ is a defense weapon against surveillance capitalism. Disguised as a mobile phone charger, it operates as a microcontroller that takes control of the smartphone in which it is plugged into. Making random searches and liking random posts on popular social platforms, it aims to deceive data brokers and disrupt the data capturing process.

  • Total Conversion

    Total Conversion

    Sasha Litvintseva (GB), Beny Wagner (DE/US)

    Total Conversion interrogates digestion as the fundamental condition for being in the world, a process of physiological, psychological, spiritual, literary and scientific dimensions. Multiple storylines trace the poetics of incorporation as a matter of metamorphosis and decay, the philosophy of matter and imperial conquest, industrialization and annihilation.

  • The Great Offshore

    The Great Offshore


    The Great Offshore is an extradisciplinary investigation that takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon of offshore finance. With the help of proven art strategies (from tactical media to psychogeography), the artist collective RYBN.ORG has meticulously collected evidence over the course of several research trips to iconic offshore locations.



    Juliane Jaschnow (DE), Stefanie Schroeder (DE)

    The multi-channel installation HC SVNT DRACONES is an outgrowth of the research for a partially three-dimensional film about warning signs, feedback loops, fluorescent bird flocks, eternity damage, insect VR cinema, geology and political systems.

  • The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds

    The Effect of Cannonry on Thunderclouds

    Juliane Jaschnow (DE), Stefanie Schroeder (DE)

    A film about storm images and the storm as an image

  • Biosymbiotic Exoskeleton

    Biosymbiotic Exoskeleton

    Dorotea Dolinšek (SI)

    In this project, Dolinšek draws attention to our microbiome as an organ of great importance for our survival, not only in an ontological sense but also in a very personal, intimate way. Here, being alive in radical conditions as outer space is challenging life; being alive means being in symbiosis with non-human living systems.

  • Organ Of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa

    Organ Of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa

    Charlotte Jarvis (GB), Dr. Patricia Saragüeta (AR)

    Organ of Radical Care: Una Matriz Colaborativa is using new science to grow a collaborative uterus from menstrual blood of multiple women, trans and non-binary people. The project is communicated through sculpture, poetry and video/audio installation.