Environment (Umgebung) / Carlotta Borcherding (DE) / Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Photo: Carlotta Borcherding, Semi Lim, Veronika Maidukova

Kunstuni Linz – PERFORMANCES

University of Arts Linz (AT)



    Daniel Bierdümpfl (DE), Ben Wesch (DE/AT)

    Reading and writing the unwritten onto digital papyrus Deciphering the unintentional Careful assembly of invisible particles creating audible pavements walked upon & forgotten piece by piece, invisible mosaics

  • Antichromatic


    BASIX_Latency, Botond Kelemen (HU), Lynn Mayya (SY)

    BASIX_Latency’s performance creates immersive, interactive environments with generative real-time visuals and audio using a node-based visual programming language for real time audio interactive content creating a truly interactive and dynamic experience.

  • Aware By Care

    Aware By Care

    Emilia Vogt (DE)

    A space full of objects, people, needs and time. The performance Aware By Care combines everything using an alphabetical order of needs, and through actions taken out of daily life, brings it into another context.

  • dBlech


    Daniel Haas (AT)

    An object that merges the visible and the audible layers of perception. Emerging soundwaves that manipulate and distort light rays.

  • Environment


    Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Semi Lim (KR), Veronika Maidukova (UA)

    Environment (Umgebung) is an interactive space where users of the interface, the floor, can create visual content based on a simple line pattern. During the interaction the users’ movement and their connection with one another are visualized and shown on the walls.

  • Harmony Fusion

    Harmony Fusion

    Masoud Simaei (IR), Bashir Bastan (IR)

    The project showcases ongoing research by presenting drafts that explore how the integration of sounds and visuals can create a captivating performance.

  • Heaven 47

    Heaven 47

    Teodor Dumitrache (RO)

    Heaven 47 represents the space between reality and imagination, where the sounds of the future shape the feelings of the present.



    Alejandra Benet (ES/US), Ariathney Coyne (GR/US), Sara Koniarek (AT), Lucia Mauri (IT)

    LEKANI is an immersive audiovisual contemporary dance performance. The powers that surveil society are invisible to the surveilled. These powers are abstract and self-regulating—applied from all angles.

  • NoiseRhythmLanguage


    Ania Böhaker (AT), Ariathney Coyne (GR/US), Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Emilia Vogt (DE), Friederike Weber (DE), Chiara Wernbacher (AT)

    NoiseRhythmLanguage is a collective sound performance created by recordings of the environment. The sounds are arranged within a system ruled by noise, rhythm and language creating a unique performance of various sound patterns.

  • Paragon


    Carlotta Borcherding (DE), Semi Lim (KR)

    Paragon is an interactive Deep Space 8K-performance reflecting on the question of space and interpersonal communication. As two characters become aware of themselves, tensions grow.

  • Scoring the Body: Unlocking Movement Potential

    Scoring the Body: Unlocking Movement Potential

    Ariathney Coyne (GR/US)

    Scoring the Body is a daily movement workshop that welcomes festivalgoers to take some time off, to stretch, shake, observe and research their own physicality.

  • Shattered


    Alex Villard (MX), Jannis Labner (AT/GR)—

    Shattered is an exploration of the beauty that can emerge from brokenness and vulnerability. A live performance exploring experimental electronic glitch beats, synced visuals and contemporary dance.

  • Studi-lounge


    Friederike Weber (DE), Verena Steininger (AT)

    The Studi-lounge will launch its bar/café with an arts program and performances in the foyer of Hauptplatz 8 during the Campus Exhibition.

  • Timecats X DORFTV

    Timecats X DORFTV

    Elena K. Richtsfeld (AT)

    What would happen if art students created a live show? The students of Time-based and Interactive Media Arts ask themselves this question in their attempt to break the boundaries of television.

  • What the skin says

    What the skin says

    Sofiia Zeifert (RU)

    What the skin says is a collaborative project between dancers, choreographers, visual artists and sound artists. The choreography represents the individual languages of each performer, based on their personal experience of mental and physical pain expressed through the body and words.