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2023 Ars Electronica Festival

Photo: tom mesic

Linz, Austria

In 2023, nine different locations in the Linz city area will be covered, first and foremost POSTCITY at Linz Main Station and the Ars Electronica Center on the Danube. Other festival venues include the St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Linz Art University, the Atelier Salzamt, the LENTOS Kunstmuseum, the Tabakfabrik, the Stadtwerkstatt and the Anton Bruckner Private University at the foot of the Pöstlingberg.

Location Map


The former mail distribution center is located directly at Linz’s main train station. Once again, it will be transformed as POSTCITY into the main location of the Ars Electronica Festival before a new city district is built here starting in late 2023. The huge parcel chutes, long halls, the bunker and the train hall will once again be an impressive backdrop for the festival for art, technology and society.

Photo: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair

Ars Electronica Center

Since 2019, the large permanent exhibition “Understanding AI” at the Ars Electronica Center on the Danube has been telling stories about artificial intelligence. Here, visitors can learn more about the fields of neurobionics, biotechnology, new materials and the global changes of our time. During the festival, brand-new media artworks and other visual highlights will also be presented in Deep Space 8K. The Ars Electronica Futurelab, located in the same building complex, will provide insights into current projects.

Photo: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Austria’s largest church opens its doors again this year during the Ars Electronica Festival. Thanks to its historic architecture, selected works from the 21st century are shown to their best advantage here.


Linz Art University

Students from local and international art universities are guests not only at POSTCITY but also at the premises of the Linz Art University. Located directly at the northern end of the Main Square, there is plenty of space for exhibitions, conferences and workshops.


Atelierhaus Salzamt

Atelierhaus Salzamt

The Atelierhaus Salzamt is a cultural facility for local and international artists. Several studios are available here, and international artists in residence are given a small apartment and a studio.

Photo: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair

LENTOS Kunstmuseum

South and Latin America will dock at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum in 2023, when the renowned Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) presents award-winning media art works by selected artists during the festival.

Photo: A. Kolb

LENTOS Kunstmuseum


In addition to the creative minds at Ars Electronica Solutions, this former industrial facility is home to many other companies in the creative industries. The Tabakfabrik will be another site of the 2023 Ars Electronica Festival.

Photo: rubra


The STWST was initiated in 1979 and has helped shape the development of the city of Linz. Several initiatives have evolved from the former artists’ collective and are now bundled under the STWST umbrella. As part of Ars Electronica, the STWST offers a varied program directly on the Main Deck of the Ars Electronica Center.

Credit: Chicks on Speed 2017, Foto: tom mesic

Anton Bruckner Private University

The Anton Bruckner Private University at the foot of the Pöstlingberg focuses its studies on the fields of music, drama and dance. During the Ars Electronica Festival, it opens its doors to immersive worlds of sound with its own program.

Photo: Gregor Tatschl