R2 D2 SERVICE-ROBOTER / Maximilian Posset (AT), Photo showing: Maximilian Posset @POSTCITY Photo: tom mesic

u19–create your world Exhibition

Ars Electronica (AT)

Presentation of the winners at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023

With this competition, we have been promoting young talent in the field of media art since 1998. Today, with the slogan u19–create your world, we are asking more generally for young people’s small and big ideas about the present and the future. We want to know what children and young people see in their environment, what moves them and what they have to say. Digital and analog projects have reached us from youngsters up to the age of 19 from all over Austria. They have the courage to express their own points of view, create inspiring images, and are able to work as a team toward a shared vision. For the create your world initiative in particular, this creative potential points to forward-looking collaborations with regional and international partners in the arts and education.

We encourage the next generation of artists to bring their individual concerns to the public and at the same time work with them to develop various formats for presenting their projects: The u19–create your world exhibition shows all 23 of the projects that won awards at the Prix Ars Electronica. At the u19–create your world Award Ceremony, we shall invite these prizewinners onto the stage. We shall also select other entrants for commissioned projects and invite them to implement Open Labs. Selected submitted animations by young talented filmmakers will be shown at the Young Animations Program within the Animation Festival.