The best festival tips for: Art Enthusiasts


The Ars Electronica Festival presents projects, artworks, lectures, workshops, Open Labs and performances directly at the intersection of art, technology and society. We have a few tips for all those who are particularly interested in the artistic aspect of the works on display: Here are the events and artworks that no art fan should miss out on at this year’s festival!


So this is how poetic Artificial Intelligence can be – “POETIC AI_ERROR” by Ouchhh takes up miscalculations of AI systems in order to create fascinating visual worlds. The Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center puts you right in the middle of the mesmerizing work.

Isaac Monté, Toby Kiers / The Art of Deception

21 discarded pig hearts that have been reused using various techniques and are now exhibited as aesthetically improved hearts for people – at Isaac Monté’s and Toby Kiers’s artwork, organs become design objects.

Sputniko! / Designing New Mythologies

At the theme conference, artist Sputniko! will talk about her work, in which she reflects artistically on the social, cultural and ethical effects of new technologies with a lot of humor and elements of Japanese pop culture.

Yasuhiro Suzuki / Aerial Being

Above the roof of POSTCITY Linz floats a work of art – light, springy, almost transparent. Aerial Being is part of the Himatsubushi – the Art of Time Killing exhibition and invites you to philosophize about air and time.

Prix Forum IV – Visionary Pioneers of Media Art

Credit: Robert Bauernhansl

The Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica for Visionary Pioneers of Media Art goes to a community for the first time this year: Leonardo/ISAST. The magazine and network on art, music, science and technology will be discussed in the Prix Forum with Roger Malina, Executive Editor.

Expert Tour: Art Market Initiative Tour 2018 / Beep Electronic Art Collection

Credit: Tom Mesic

Ars Electornica curator Christl Baur and Vicente Matallana from the Beep Electronic Art Collection guide you through the Gallery Spaces in the old bunker of POSTCITY Linz. The artistic tour tries to capture the abstract and poetic side of the Gallery Spaces.

Quayola / Remains

High-precision laser scanners capture natural landscapes in high resolution, which are converted into complex digital renderings on large-format archive paper. The hybrid formations that result are somewhere between the real and the artificial.

Cod.Act / πTon

A long, oversized rubber hose that curves and snakes like an animal: This is πTon from Cod.Act. Four people with strange voice prostheses surround the installation, while the work of art – or is it a creature? – seems to be trying to get rid of the acoustic interference.

Exhibition: Error in Progress

Ín the theme exhibition in the winding rooms of the old bunker of POSTCITY Linz, “Error in Progress”, various works deal with the mistake, the error and the deviation from the norm in an artistic way. An absolute must-see at the 2018 Ars Electronica Festival! A little extra tip: At the Artist Talks: Error in Progress, you can listen to many of the exhibiting artists talk about their works.

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