25 years Ars Electronica Futurelab

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Time is flying by. The Ars Electronica Futurelab is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.
To mark this special occasion, it is launching a spectacular multimedia offering that’s always more concerned with the future than with the past.
Since 1996, the Lab has consistently focused on humans at the center of art, technology, and society, addressing the social aspects of science and technological progress, as well as their impact on the future of our world. This year, with its unusual perspectives on the various potentials to act and shape the future, it presents the most inspiring episodes from its past: narratives about people, methods and concepts; memories of the past years and milestones from the history of the future.

Chapter by chapter telling the story of a tour through time the Ars Electronica’s think-and-do tank is taking you on a virtual journey into the past, present and future – always close to the border between art, technology and society. A series of eight special episodes are broadcast via Ars Electronica Home Delivery since March 9.
As a kick-off, two members of the Lab gave a sneak preview of what is to expect in the upcoming weeks and months: Susanne Kiesenhofer, one of the most recent members, researcher and developer in the Lab and Horst Hörtner, co-founder of the institution and managing director for a quarter of a century now, present an introduction about a large variety of research activities that occur in the Lab. Together with author and curator Andreas J. Hirsch, and Gerfried Stocker, Ars Electronica’s Artistic Director and Co-CEO, they thus strive to provide unprecedented insights.
With many new perspectives on the topics of Virtual Worlds, Poetic Systems, Creative (Artificial) Intelligence, Humanity & Robotinity, Computation & Beyond, the Art of Swarms, and Art Thinking it traces its identity and subsequently offers viewers a glimpse into the Lab’s art and research.
A Digital Kaleidoscope of the Future may be expected!

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