Day 2: Welcome to Innovation Day

, Sound For Fungi. Homage To Indeterminacy, Theresa Schubert, Credit: Ars Electronica – Martin Hieslmair

We start at the Ars Electronica Center, where the Futurelab is launching a journey through its 25th anniversary with the Morning Inspirations. Reason enough to look back a bit and into the future.

So until Sunday, the Ars Electronica Futurelab will be presenting a wide range of multimedia offerings and a series of innovative highlights from Ars Electronica’s Think- and Do-Tank…

Further north, in Kepler’s Gardens on the grounds of the JKU, the festival hustle and bustle begins.

create your world, the festival for the young and the young at heart offers a platform for exchange – and a good time.

Credit: Ars Electronica – Martin Hieslmair

“The new social deal” focuses on the rediscovery of individual and collective social interactions. Not so easy after a year and a half of restrictions that have brought us the term “social distancing”.

Social Intelligence Agency, Landestheater Linz, Credit: Tom Mesic

Naturally, the young people think a lot about the – green – future. This is how the Bamboo Bicycle, which is produced in an environmentally friendly way, came into being. create your world is open to visit until Sunday!

Urban Green: Bamboo Bicycle
Angelina Djukic, Lukas Gabesam, Japleen Khurana, Alina Schweighofer; Euregio HTBLVA Ferlach, Credit: Tom Mesic

“Physical distancing” has become the focus of increased attention as a result of Covid-19, and it is precisely as a result of this that the Ars Electronica Festival has recruited “outposts” since 2020…

..the Gardens, which enrich the program with their own and provide a physical place of presence elsewhere as well. At Kepler Hall, “Symphony of the Absence” offers a keyhole into this world.


On site in Linz, we stroll along the pond towards mensa and library, where this year the large theme exhibition “Digital && Life” is on display. The connection between technology and living beings is the major, overarching subject.

In the interiors, we are immersed in visually stunning worlds…

…poetic, surprising and unexpected works captivate us.

Many of the projects featured in the themed exhibition were developed during several residencies at the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab. Such as “Moon Rabbit” by Sarah Petkus and Mark J. Koch.

Credit: Tom Mesic

On Innovation Day, the STARTS initiative is, of course, an essential component: Science+Technology+Arts = STARTS is a European Commission program to promote synergies between art and technology that support the innovation industry and society. Award-winning works from the STARTS Prize, hosted by Ars Electronica, are integrated into the themed exhibition “Digital && Life.” Such as “Oceans in Transformation” by Territorial Agency.

The thoughts, ideas and visions not only find a visual expression, but also lectures, conferences and talks took place throughout the day – in a mixture of on-site and virtual.

At the outdoor area young and old enjoy a wonderful late summer day…

…of course, the physical well-being is also provided, as here by Tamu Sana. Do not forget: On Saturday comes again the BIO farmers market full of regional delicacies!


At 7 p.m. we return to Deep Space 8K, where a class evening program is in store to celebrate Futurelab’s birthday. With his chest swollen with pride, Futurelab director Horst Hörtner opens the evening.


Wonderful sounds and stunning visuals can be enjoyed at “Morphologies,” a concert by Maki Namekawa and Rubin Kodheli with real-time visuals by Cori O’Lan.

Futurelab members also show their skills, such as at 11°22’4″142°35’5″, an “Accordion Noise and Visual Performance” by Stefan Mittlböck-Jungwirth-Fohringer, Johannes Pöll and Johannes Lugstein.

Credit: Tom Mesic
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