create your world | Young Professionals Award, Prix Ars Electronica 2021

Urban Green: Bamboo Bicycle

Angelina Djukic (AT), Lukas Gabesam (AT), Japleen Khurana (AT), Alina Schweighofer (AT); Euregio HTBLVA Ferlach

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In the project “Urban Green: Bamboo Bicycle”, an environmentally friendly manufacturing process of bamboo bicycles was developed. The four artists did not want to accept that the conventional construction of bamboo frames uses non-environmentally friendly fasteners and toxic paints. Therefore, they developed an innovative production process that uses only biodegradable materials such as lignin and bio-resin. The fasteners are designed using CAD programs such as Fusion 360 and produced via 3D printing. Environmentally friendly injection molding technology is used to connect the fasteners to the frame. In addition, the artists* have given the bamboo bicycle of the future an innovative design that can be adapted to individual wishes.

Urban Green: Bamboo Bicycle won the Young Professionals Award of Distinction in the u19-create your world category at the Prix Ars Electronica 2021.

Angelina Djukic (*2001), Lukas Gabesam (*2002), Japleen Khurana (*2001) and Alina Schweighofer (*2002) are students* at Euregio HTBLVA Ferlach. Within the framework of their project, they have grown together to form a team and have jointly learned how to manufacture a bicycle frame and further develop the existing production processes.


Collaboration partner: Smart Grass Bicycles