Mission AI – Experience. Understand. Co-create.

Hardly any other technology currently leaves us as perplexed as artificial intelligence. The exhibition "Mission AI" at the Deutsches Museum Bonn now also conveys a deep understanding.

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What’s hidden behind the term Deep Learning, how artificial intelligence works and what knowledge about AI is necessary to form one’s own opinion is now made vividly clear to visitors to the Deutsches Museum Bonn by the interactive experience exhibition Mission AI. It was created in collaboration with the Ars Electronica Futurelab.

By reproducing three particularly popular AI mediation concepts from the Ars Electronica Center’s Understanding AI exhibition, the Ars Electronica Futurelab has designed the new KNN experience space at the Deutsches Museum Bonn. At interactive research stations, like Neural Network Training, visitors the Museum can now become AI researchers themselves and train AI systems with visual data. And even the very youngest visitors quickly grasped the concept with Pix2Pix:GANgadze: Artificial intelligence can only interpret information based on the data you train it with beforehand.

A basic understanding of artificially intelligent computer systems should help us to better classify their potentials and dangers. After all, no other technology currently leaves us as perplexed as new developments in the field of AI. So how much power do we want or should we hand over to algorithms in the future? – There are no simple answers to complex questions about the benefits and dangers associated with artificial intelligence. But a new knowledge about and personal experience with this future technology can navigate us through the complex minefield of this social debate. Learn more…