Exhibition in New York connects biology and art

Yoko Shimizu presents her art in "Tides of Light", including her work as an Ars Electronica Futurelab researcher.

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The “Tides of Light” exhibition at the BioBAT Art Space in New York, open from May 6th to September 9th, 2023, is a collection of works that invite viewers to appreciate how non-human life can inform the artistic process and be welcomed as an intelligent and creative collaborator. It showcases the innovative technologies and installations of bio-artist and scientist Yoko Shimizu, connecting biology and art, who also works as Key Researcher and artist at the Ars Electronica Futurelab.

“Vibrant Matter Phase II: Tides of Light” draws inspiration from the scientific exploration of natural elements. Shimizu makes the invisible visible, creating a series of installations that explore the intelligent properties of living systems. One of the artworks shown in the exhibition is “SonoSynthesis” by Shimizu and fellow Futurelab Key Researcher Ali Nikrang: The project combines biotechnology and AI technology to generate music that can be experienced as an immersive audio and visual experience. In the new era of creative collaboration, can machines and nature co-create art and music?

BioBAT Art Space is an art gallery that catalyzes creative experimentation at the intersection of Art and Science through exhibitions, artist residencies, educational programs, and free cultural events. Biobat Art Space is located in the historic Brooklyn Army Terminal in the underserved neighborhood of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and is housed in the ground floor lobby of BioBAT Inc., a nonprofit biotechnology incubator.

To learn more about Shimizu’s work at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, visit her profile page. You can also find more info about “SonoSynthesis” on our website.