Ars Electronica Futurelab: Virtuelle Krippe
December 2021: Virtual Christmas

Advent, Advent the last little light is burning! December 2021 with the highlights of Ars Electronica.

Future Ink
November 2021: Nothing holds us down

We took off, crisscrossed the universe, into the future and to Dubai to still make the best of 2021!

October 2021: World exhibition, concerts and the future of medicine

While the days are getting shorter and the leaves are getting more colorful in Austria, Ars Electronica will be hosting the Austria Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in the desert of Dubai.

September 2021: What we have all been waiting for

September - for Ars Electronica, that means not only the end of summer and the return to the nation's schools, but also, first and foremost, it marks the biggest event of the year in the program.

August 2021: One highlight follows the next

August is also all about the upcoming Ars Electronica Festival, with numerous announcements to heighten anticipation for the upcoming event.

Photo showing an aerial of parts of the JKU where the Ars Electronica Festival will again take place in September 2021.
July 2021: Preparations are underway

In July, not only will ancient cultures be rediscovered, but preparations for the Ars Electronica Festival "A New Digital Deal" are already in full swing.

June 2021: Prizes, Exhibitions, Concerts

June visibly brings normality to life... at least it is possible to use museums, theaters and night gastronomy again. And so we think big right away and fly into space!

May 2021: A month for all senses

Although the month of May is still in the grip of the lockdown, sunshine, vaccines and the prospect of opening soon are visibly awakening the spirits of life. Ars Electronica delivers a wide-ranging program to the door.

April 2021: Into spring with swing

It's not just the weather that's moody in April, but also the epidemic of infections. For Ars Electronica, that means a closed museum and home office, with a colorful virtual program at the same time.

March 2021: Doorstep Delivery

With "Ars Electronica Home Delivery Services," we've taken another step forward in expanding our range of online workshops. Here's what else happened.

February 2021: Of Losses and Encouraging Perspectives

It is not only the ongoing pandemic that is forcing us to think about how we want to shape our lives - it is also the legacy of Hannes Leopoldseder that he left with us.

January 2021: Closed, but still open

Of course, we didn't imagine it like this, but who could? Trying out new things and learning from them - that was once again the motto of Ars Electronica at the beginning of 2021.