Linz Through the Ages

If you want to present someone the city of Linz with a single picture, which would you choose? Mag.a Cornelia Daurer from the Archive of the City of Linz knows many views of the town, as they have emerged in the last few centuries.

When satellites overlook the Earth

In an interview, Othmar Coser of the Austrian Space Forum talks about the use of satellites for natural disasters as they occur currently in the Philippines, but also about how we humans can else use this technology in space.


On THU March 7, 2013, the exhibition "people_scans" opens at the Ars Electronica Center. An interview with the photographer Kurt Hörbst about his full-body scans and his search of remarkable details in the human body.

Taking the Lytro through the Ars Electronica Center

We recently published an interview with Oliver Bimber, head of the Institute of Computer Graphics at Johannes Kepler University Linz, in which we went into the subject of light-field photography. On January 31, 2013, our interviewee will be the star of a Deep Space Live. To provide a sneak preview of what light-field photography is all about, we asked David Schedl, a leading light on Bimber’s staff, to go on a photo safari in and around the Ars Electronica Center and to take along a Lytro, a very popular, compact camera to photograph light fields.

Best exposed

Extremely surprised


The Deep Space Live - Series "LINZ_EINST/JETZT" which compares historical pictures of Linz with their current views is having it's next installment on November 15th at the Ars Electronica Center. MMag. Maria Jenner, who's taking care of coordinating and programming the series and works at the Archiv der Stadt Linz talks about how the cooperation with the Center got started and how a look into the past can influence the development of a city.