All connected, all affected

Shaun Hu's works explore the relationship between humans and nature in the digital age. "Internet of Everything: All Connections" - currently part of the "human (un)limited" exhibition in Beijing - shows how everything around us is not only connected but also affected.

DuoSkin: Like a Second Skin

Nice metallic tattoo or modern on skin interface? Based on the aesthetics of temporary skin jewelry on skin, DuoSkin creates devices that allow users to control their mobile devices or display and store information on their skin. The project is currently part of Ars Electronica's "human (un)limited" exhibition in Beijing.

Prix Ars Electronica 2019: Artificial Intelligence & Life Art

The submission phase for this year's Prix Ars Electronica ends on March 11, 2019! We took this opportunity to take a closer look at the new "Artificial Intelligence & Life Art" category.

Future Flora: DIY kit for the vaginal flora

This year, designer and biohacker Giulia Tomasello won the STARTS Prize in the category "Artistic Exploration" for her Do-It-Yourself harvesting set for bacteria at home, "Future Flora". Before the artist comes to the Ars Electronica Festival (September 6 - 10, 2018) to present her work, she has already told us more about it in this interview.

The Institute of Isolation: Pushing the limits as a Cure

The artist and second SPARKS-resident, Lucy McRae, is a representative of the genre Science Fiction. She came to Linz in order to shoot scenes for her film-project which is her approach to the topic of “Responsible Research and Innovation” – the research objective of the SPARKS-program. Compared to her predecessor, Anouk Wipprecht, who built a fashionable wearable, the Australian body architect Lucy McRae focuses on the possibility of adapting the human body to extraordinary situations.