Along with the technological upgrading of Deep Space to Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica is intensifying its collaboration with CyArk, a nonprofit organization we’ve been working together with since 2009. CyArk works to document cultural heritage sites around the world using 3D technology. Their archive currently houses over 180 international sites freely available to the public. The high-resolution technology at Deep Space 8K has the enhanced capacity to screen 3D images generated by even finer and more precise point clouds. The colorful spectrum includes the ancient Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala, the cathedral of Beauvais, France, the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park in the U.S., and St. Sebald, a medieval church in Nuremberg, Germany. What they make clear is that human destructiveness isn’t the only thing responsible for the dilapidation of important cultural treasures; natural catastrophes or simply the ravages of time necessitate measures to preserve humankind’s precious cultural heritage.

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