Deep Space Experience: WHAT IS REMAINING; Image: Linz University of Arts

Deep Space Experience: WHAT IS REMAINING

Sat 15. Jun 2024 19:30 – 21:00
Deep Space 8K

Labo Traces developed from a search for here and now, a search that cannot do without new places and other art forms. This is why WHAT IS REMAINING is a unique cooperation between TANZ LINZ and the Department of Time-based and Interactive Media Art at the University of Art and Design Linz.

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In Deep Space 8K, contemporary dance and contemporary dance and interactive, digital art condense into a collective condensate on a visual and auditory level. The dancers’ bodies are continued in the forms of expression of the media artists – and vice versa.

Choreografie Matteo Cogliandro, Yu-Teng Huang, Hinako Taira, Pedro Tayette
Choreografische Beratung Yuko Harada
Dramaturgie Roma Janus
Konzeption und künstlerische Leitung Roma Janus, Joachim Smetschka
Tanz und Co-Kreation Elena Sofia Bisci, Mischa Hall, Yu-Teng Huang, Katharina Illnar, Pavel Povrazník, Lorenzo Ruta, Nicole Stroh, Hinako Taira, Fleur Wijsman, Matteo Cogliandro, Pedro Tayette, Ilia Dergousoff, Angelica Mattiazzi, Elisa Lodolini, S. Arthur Sicilia
Visualisierung, Musik und Sounddesign Carlotta Borcherding, Ariathney Coyne, Holunder Heiß, Lynn Mayya, Noayama, Alex Villard, Emilia Vogt