Photo: Ars Electronica / Birgit Cakir

Open Sound Studio

Try out digital music production tools for yourself and gain experience in new worlds of sound. The Open Sound Studio is the best place to do this.

The best way to become familiar with new creative tools is to try them out yourself, and the Open Soundstudio is the perfect place to do it. In addition to workshops and courses where you can learn to compose with a computer and produce music or new soundscapes, there is always an opportunity to experience the many devices and programs here for the first time. You can also discover the world of music visualization here and try it yourself with simple tools.

Web Tools

Credit: Chrome Music Lab / Google (US); Screenshot 2024

Chrome Music Lab

Google LLC (US)

Whether as a tool on the dance floor, classroom or youth club, with the musical experiments that you will find in the Chrome Music Lab, each of you will quickly find your own rhythm and approach to music. You can also explore the connections between music and science, mathematics or art. Just try it out here nad then experiment further free of charge at school or at home.

Credit: Increditbox / So Far So Good (FR); Screenshot 2024


So Far So Good (FR)

With Inreditbox, making music becomes child’s play! Part game, part tool and above all an acoustic and visual experience, this music app has quickly become a hit and is now used in schools all over the world. With the help of a cheerful crew of beatboxers, you can use it to create your own music. Choose your style from 9 atmospheres, record your mix and share it with others!


Google LLC (US)

Magenta is the name of Google’s research program for music applications of TensorFlow, a very powerful, open development environment for machine learning. NSynth can be used to try out new forms of sound generation, for example.