Welcome to Planet B, Credit: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

Welcome to Planet B

An interactive decision-making game for Deep Space 8K in which groups of visitors try to reduce CO₂ emissions and achieve climate targets by making dilemma decisions.

With the support of LINZ AG

E-vehicle or public transport? Lab meat or vegan food? City flat or limited housing in the countryside? Nuclear power or renewable energy? Every action we take today has an impact far into the future. Wouldn’t it be helpful to first put our decisions to the test in a virtual reality in order to better assess their consequences?

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Planet B is a fictional world modelled on our real world. However, the same climate models and projections apply to it as to our real world. On Planet B, visitors can make “future-effective” decisions that are implemented in real time and whose consequences for the real climate in the year 2100 become immediately apparent. The aim of the game is to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions. A CO₂ counter shows the progress of the game.

The game is played by choosing one of two options. For each of the five sectors responsible for the most CO₂ emissions in Austria, there are two options on how to reduce emissions. The majority decides which option is implemented. The result is a journey into the future, to the year 2100 on Planet B. Depending on how much emissions could be saved, you end up in the 2°C, 3°C or 4°C scenario (IPCC scenarios).

The interactive decision-making game developed by the Ars Electronica Futurelab presents future scenarios and decision-making options and invites visitors to question their own lifestyles. Because one thing becomes very clear in this fictitious world: in order to prevent the climate catastrophe on our planet and to look forward to a positive future worth living in, we have to change something. And we have to do it now.

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