Expedition ε

Expedition: Who Owns the Truth?

In a factory, Echo took birth,
A voice at the touch, its true worth.
From manufacture’s start,
To homes it departed,
Distribution brought smiles, no dearth.

With life in a household domain,
Its skills were put forth to explain.
From music to news,
It banished the blues,
In countless abodes, a smart gain.

Years passed, it served with great use,
Voice commands it would deduce.
But time’s ceaseless flow,
Took its toll, and so,
Recycling became its last cruise.

Dear Adventurer! We invite you to explore the exhibition and look for the installation described above.

In relation to this particular installation, review the following statement for yourself: „Technology Owns the Truth“.

Discuss your thoughts with your fellow explorers.

Then proceed by scanning the QR code on the installation and complete the sentence „Technology Owns the Truth because …“ online on Mentimeter.